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Morning Gloryville – West London – Vlog


Once upon a time, an Insurance Broker and a Legal Eagle hopped on a 7.30am train to London…

Clad in funky sportswear, trainers and fuelled by coffee, they jumped on tubes and strolled along Portobello seeking out some good vibes, loud music and glitter…

En-route we were wondering what to expect; would it be awkward? Or desperately quiet? Would it be fully lit up like a year 10 school disco?

Suddenly we turned a corner to find a long queue of folk, dressed up in bright colours, wearing incredible headgear and costumes. A ripple of excitement flowed through me as we joined the queue. Once we’d been ticked off the guest list, we gladly accepted our free hugs and entered the darkened club, and followed the flashing lights and thumping music whilst trying to take everything in.

We left our bag’s to mingle with all the other bag’s and coats and made our way to the dance floor, before I knew it there was no stopping us! Smiles a plenty, music thumping, inflatable beach balls were flying through the air…

Before I knew it, my inhibitions about dancing had been put to one side and we were on the stage. I was ‘dropping it down low’ and absolutely lost in music, the room got fuller and the crowd got wilder. I found myself mesmerised by a pink haired mermaid, purple wig’s, endless flowers and the general feeling that everyone was having a really good time.


The thing about a ‘sober rave’, is the fact people who attend are there because they really want to be there and want to have a good time. It’s not like being dragged to a nightclub at the end of the night, with the room spinning or going to a club for the simple reason you want to meet a companion. Your feet won’t hurt from crippling heel’s, everyone wear’s trainers or sandals and I saw lots of funky Sweaty Betty, Harlem pants and wild wigs.

To share our experience with you I made my first ever ‘You Tube Vlog’ – Please excuse my slightly shaky camera skills, dancing and an iphone 6s won’t make the slickest of videos.

Morning Gloryville is child-friendly (although very tiny folk will need to wear ear protectors), the events are strictly sober with only tea, coffee, water or smoothies being served. There are various locations and start times, if this sound’s like your kind of event, you can find out more here

Have you ever been to a sober rave before? Were you part of the raving generation? All the dancing was a great workout…



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