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Mocha Protein Pancakes

Over the last few year’s I have become utterly dependant on starting the day with a black coffee. My routine rarely changes…

Whilst it’s not a unique routine, I normally get up around 6am, stumbling around clutching my phone. Pop in my contact lenses (so that I can find the kettle) and work on my plan of action. I generally have most energy first thing, therefore a workout is normally on the agenda and after my workout, I need to refuel.

It’s no secret that refueling with protein, carbs (and adding a side of healthy fats) is a great choice and these pancakes provide the perfect mix.

 I layered my pancakes with creamy coconut yoghurt and added chunks of date’s as a natural sweetener. Not forgetting my loyalty to a side of almond butter (which frankly is more of an addiction than ‘loyalty‘). These are fulfilling, tasty, easy to make (but do require a little patience) and in my very humble opinion, a must try for any chocolate/coffee lover.

There are a few different options with this recipe, some of you may already have chocolate protein powder in stock so you could use that (I used unflavoured). If I’m in the mood for more chocolate flavour I’ll add more cocoa powder or add chocolate chips.


1 Scoop Protein Powder (I used unflavoured but chocolate or vanilla would work)

1 Whole Egg

15g Oats

10g Liquid Sweetener (If using unflavoured, some flavoured are sweet enough)

75ml Nut Milk

1 Heaped Teaspoon Coffee

20g Coco Powder

Coconut Oil for frying


I’ll provide steps for this recipe as I feel it’ll be more straight forward..

*Warm the 75ml Milk – Stir in coffee plus liquid sweetener and leave to cool.

*In a separate bowl (or jug) mix the oats, coco and protein powder

*Whisk Egg and add into the liquid mix

*Slowly combine the two mixes and mix until a smooth batter forms.

*Bring a pan to a medium heat with coconut oil and fry the pancakes until all the batter is used up.

*Serve right away or allow to cool, wrap in foil and refrigerate to enjoy the following morning


Tell me, are you a coffee drinker? or do you prefer tea? I’ve eaten Earl Grey cupcakes before and they are absolute treat but I am not sure about earl grey pancakes. However, whilst I’m pondering the thought, green tea pancakes? Hmmmm maybe that could work..



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