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MisFit Ray Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the ultimate wrist accessory for 2016 was not in fact a designer watch, or charm bracelet but a fitness tracker. Gone are the days when the only option was a ‘pedometer’ offering little more than a bulky, unattractive design and daily step count. When I shopped around for a new fitness tracker recently, I was seeking out something polished and chic enough to wear to a meeting or out for coffee with a friend, as well as to the gym.

A fitness tracker is something you’ll wear daily, it needs to streamline not only into your lifestyle but also your personal style.

When MisFit contacted me to see if I wanted to try the new MisFit Ray* there wasn’t a moment of hesitation before I said YES! My first ever fitness tracker was the MisFit Shine which interestingly turned into a great conversation starter due to the fact people were always curious about my striking wrist adornment.

Let me tell you a little more…

The Misfit Ray also provides you with silent alarms, movement reminders and no faffing around with charging every few days because of the replaceable battery’s last up to 6 months. The Misfit Ray is completely user-friendly with a simple set up. All you need to do is: load the batteries, download the application, add your personal data, sync the watch and voilà you’re good to go!

If I’m honest, the simple set up and ‘charge free’ element was a huge selling point to me, I’m always ‘that person’ who forgets to charge her watch, only to find it dead when I’m desperate to go out for a run. Additionally, who has the time or patience for a long and complicated set up? Life is fast paced and I like to spend my time having fun, not reading user manuals.

Why is a fitness tracker so useful for me? Well, after saying I wouldn’t run another half marathon, I’ve signed up for one at the end of February next year. So, as you can guess my running mileage is increasing again and it’s great to be able to look back on my distance travelled using the application. I also find having a tracker is encouraging me to keep on moving, for example; due to the time of year I’m racing into town for last minute gifts or zooming around our kitchen whipping up a buffet if we are entertaining.

I’m not going to lie, I get a huge satisfaction from hitting my daily step goal.

Prices start from £63.99 for the MisFit Ray* and there’s a large selection of colours and straps, making this more masculine or feminine, personally, I love the addition of a leather band.

Do you wear a fitness tracker? If so, what was important to you when making a choice?



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