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Mint Chocolate Truffles

I’m passionate about chocolate, I make no secret that it’s part of my everyday diet..

Now, I have called these tasty creations truffles, but really the true name would probably be ‘bliss balls’, which frankly always makes me chuckle. Don’t blame me, blame my juvenile sense of humour, one day I’ll grow up…

You could make these more indulgent by coating them in rich dark chocolate. This is an idea I can always support, what else could make chocolate better than adding more chocolate?

These only take 5 minutes to whizz up and use ingredients that are generally standard food cupboard staples. If you wanted to omit the protein powder? I’d say that ground almond and mint essence should work well.

Mint Chocolate Truffles


  1. 30g Mint Chocolate Protein Powder

  2. 85g oats

  3. 85g Medjool dates

  4. 20g cocoa powder (plus more for coating)

  5. 20g chia seeds


Start by softening the dates in hot water then, add all of the other ingredients to a high power processor. Blend for roughly a minute or until a ‘dough’ forms.

Using a teaspoon, scoop the mix out, roll into balls and dust with cocoa powder. Leave in the fridge to set for 30 minutes and then voilà!

These will last for up to a week, I’d advise keeping them in the fridge – However, I doubt you’d be able to resist for that long…



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