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Mini At Home Kettlebell Workout

You know what? I think the humble kettlebell is underrated. They are cheap to buy, small enough to store at home and the perfect partner for a short and sweet HIIT workout.

I think a short workout is always better than no workout. Why not spend just 15 minutes working out than spend the whole day thinking I wish I’d found the time to fit in a workout?’

Right now I have so much on, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced being this frantically busy before. Last night we packed up from renovating the house at 6.30pm and my mind was full of ‘I’ll now chill out and write some blog posts’.The reality was: I laid on my bed, eating Easter Egg’s whilst going wild on Pinterest, that’s’ what I call a ‘productive evening‘.

But as part of my productive evening, I spent some time thinking about some of the best Kettlebell moves, for a beginner or more experienced user. You can use kettlebells at the gym or if working out at home fits into your life more efficiently? Websites like Ebay and Amazon are great for sourcing a Kettlebell on a budget. If you don’t have a Kettlebell, don’t worry because a dumbbell will work just as efficiently.

As you will know, I’m not a trained PT so in the interest of maximising your workout and ensuring you avoid injury. I’d recommend leaning the moves slowly and focusing on form. I’ve linked to detailed descriptions for all the moves below, hopefully, this will provide a helpful guide for beginners.

Tell me, do you workout with kettlebells? What are your views on short and sweet workouts?



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