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Locations For Blogger Photos In Northamptonshire

Being a blogger based in Northampton like most locations has its benefits and drawbacks, we might not be the UK Capital or a Picturesque tourist village, but there’s still plenty on offer. Our foodie scene is up and coming, the cost of living is reduced and it’s only an hour from London if you snag a seat on the right train.

I’ve previously spoken about how I’m working on Improving my Instagram (and how to Mute annoying folk) and in this post, I’m sharing some of my favorite locations for shooting Instagram content.

Fawsley Hall is not only a Spa, it’s a Hotel and Restaurant with the most delicious Afternoon Tea, it’s worth keeping in mind that the Gardens also provide the perfect background for some summery shots.

I have my husband to thank for this little gem of a location, take the time to grab a coffee and cake from the bookshop and browse the curiosity store. Please note, there are companies trading from this location so you will need to keep this in mind.

Of all the locations I’ve mentioned, this is by far the busiest – We wandered towards the water, but you will need to be quick and snap when people aren’t passing by. I wouldn’t leave bags unattended around here, however, it’s more photogenic that it might appear at first.

Castle Ashby Gardens are well worth a visit for a local afternoon out, there’s a small cost to get into the Garden’s but honestly, it’s well worth it. Who wouldn’t want to meet the Meerkats and explore The Walled Garden – You can read my post here.

Captured by KM Photographic

Captured By KM Photographic

Okay, it’s NOT Northampton(shire), however for all of a 30-minute drive Market Harbour offers cute side streets, town center gardens, and quaint teashops. Well worth the extra effort and ideal for mixing everything up.


I hope you’ve found this useful – I’ll be adding new locations when I find them…



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