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Life As A Highly Sensitive Person

I’ve always felt, different – Not in a bad way, but sometimes I just can’t see things that same way everyone else does. For years, I would battle against my way of thinking, without realising that acceptance of how I feel, is a far more sensible option.

I withdraw often, I can’t help it, and as a matter of fact, it’s nothing personal. I have a wildly vivid imagination and I’m often very happy in my own little world, reading, learning, and occasionally enjoying the company of people in small groups. I can be an “introverted – extrovert” – Work that one out? I don’t mind small bursts of social activity but have only recently started to understand and accept how exhausting I find it.

I’m empathic, if we’re close and you’re suffering, chances are I’ve picked up on it and I’m suffering too. I can’t stand others being in pain. At times, I’ve been known to work my mind into a high-speed frenzy of “How can I make this right?”.  At the same time, because my imagination is so vivid, I struggle to remind myself that because I’m thinking it, doesn’t make it true.

What you say really matters to me, I don’t always take criticism well (Okay, I know what you’re thinking, who does?) but I find it really, really hard to shake off negativity. I also, at times find it hard to accept and remember that not everyone thinks the way I do.

I struggle with “To Do Lists”, because time pressure can really catch me out at times and I think I have to do everything at once. I’m easily panicked into thinking I absolutely won’t have enough time. I’m prone to arriving late or early, there’s not often much of an in between.

If overthinking was an Olympic Sport, I’d bring home Gold for the UK every year, regardless of how utterly exhausted, it makes me.  

I really like reassurance, because I’m hyper-aware of rejection and I’ve played out scenarios surrounding this situation in my mind many times over. I have spent years, working on being less “Needy” but it does mean that every once in awhile, I need a reminder that you like me and I’m worthy of your friendship. 


I put this post together as a small collection of thoughts, feelings and quotes about life as a highly sensitive person. We are not broken, we don’t need fixing, we just need to find our own slow, gentle pace of life.


Beautiful quotes from here

Katie x

Life as a highly sensitive person - Here is some advice, opinions and quotes on how to handle life.
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