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Lies that I LOVE to tell myself.

Ugh, honesty is the best policy, right? But what about those sweet little lies we tell ourselves? I’m delving deep into the archive of my crazy mind to share, those rules I love to break.

I’ll save that for later” – When it comes to food, later could be 2 whole minutes later. It’s still later though.

“I won’t go on social media this evening, I’ll just focus on myself and jobs I need to complete” – 7.30pm “Oh, I haven’t seen so and so on my feed for a few days, I’ll go check-in”.

“There’s no hope, I can’t do it” – Then, I try do actually do it and surprise, surprise I don’t fail. Wow, who knew?

“Tomorrow I’ll be one of those nice girls, who dresses well, drinks water and texts back on time” – By 10.15 am I’ve eaten most of my lunch, ignored my WhatsApp and consumed 6 black coffees. Oh and I’ve taken off my heels and proceeded to stroll around the office like some sort of vile creature.

“I can’t ask for help – It’s ridiculous, why should something so straightforward be so complex? I know its okay to ask for help. Sometimes, I just can’t.

“This home Gel Manicure is going to look brilliant this time” – Yeah, brilliant would be a descriptive word if a blindfolded 5-year-old had applied the manicure.

“I know what I’m doing” – I have no idea, but positive mantras and all that.

“That meme is definitely about me, almost definitely everyone hates me” – Reality, that meme has nothing at all to do with me.

“I’ll keep up my waxing appointments”Reality, I’m canceling as I don’t want to show anyone my vagina today.

“I’m not a follower, I do exactly as I please” – Me: “I’ve seen lots of people here, so shall go also, just to see what it’s all about”.

“Over dinner with friends I won’t talk about me again” – Me over dinner “So, let me tell you this…”

Katie x

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