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Just Bake It – Sultana and Apple Danish

The weekend sun filled me with boundless energy and focus towards the prospect of baking in the rays shining through our windows and photographing in the natural sunlight.

Jus Rol very kindly sent me some vouchers to whip up a tasty treat or meal and then share my kitchen adventures with you. Last Saturday was the perfect day as I was visiting my family and wanted to arrive with a basket of home made goodies for them to devour; therefore a slight variation on an apple Danish was the perfect choice.

I’d previously snuggled up on the sofa with the dainty recipe book they sent me (sharing is caring so please keep in mind you can browse recipes here) and the thought of flaky pastry filled with fruit had stuck in my mind ever since.

In all truthfulness I’d never baked pastry before, I’d found the prospect terrifying and beyond my modest kitchen skills and not possible considering the time restraint I sometimes have whilst baking. For this reason Jus Rol is superb as the whole process is completely foolproof and thanks to the ‘Plain English’ step by step guide the ‘Bake It Fresh’ range provides products that are also suitable to parent/child baking sessions. 

I treated myself to the ‘Apple Danish’ kit from the ‘Bake It Fresh’ range and chose to make 3 to the standard recipe and 3 with a slight twist by adding a pinch of mixed spice and some sultana’s as I felt it would really make the apple flavour pop. I tore open the package to release the pre-cut dough, folded my corners and filled the centre with apple filling, then placed on a baking tray and a sprinkle of cinnamon and sultana’s added before placing into the oven. Of course it would be not be Saturday afternoon treat without icing, unable to resist I drizzled icing over the cooled pastry’s and stepped back to admire my creations.

Fortunately for me I had a very willing tester in the shape of G who demolished the pastry in record time (whilst allowing me a nibble for taste testing) and I then watched with glee as my family devoured the remaining pastry’s within minutes of me arriving. The pastry was just the right balance of delicate and slightly doughy which I adore, the apple was sweet without being over bearing and they took 20 minutes from start to finish. Everyone commented that they would eat them again which I feel is a really important reaction as I’d hesitate to recommend something that I (and at least two others) didn’t feel was up to standard. 

Have you ever tried Jus Rol before? I feel that arriving with a selection of Danish pastry’s is homely and European at the same time which is a rather nice way to feel. I did note that they also sell kit’s for croissants but I know that my will power would collapse as I fell into a butter/jam warm croissant frenzy and I’d be unable to share. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend – If your baking/cooking up a frenzy feel free to share what’s going in to your oven? 



Disclaimer – I have a very strict review policy and choose to only review/write about products I genuinely love and would buy myself and I would definitely use this product again. 

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