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Indie Bay – Reinventing the snack?

I’m serious about snacking, in all honesty, I think I’d struggle to go for a single day without something tasty to break up my afternoon. I’m currently working on improving my nutrition and food choices, the reason being is I have some sporting goals that I want to achieve this year and I think by fueling myself more effectively, I’ll hopefully feel energised enough to reach my goals.

When it comes to the ideal snack for me, at the top of my list is taste (Naturally!) but also it needs to be satisfying, preferably portable and be packed with ingredients I recognise. So, these tasty round snacks which are a little like pretzels from Indie Bay Snacks fit the bill perfectly.

The trouble for me is the fact I have a very sweet tooth and often end up grabbing something sweet for a temporary high which only leaves me crashing a few hours later. So by adding more savoury and natural snacks into my weekly food plan, I feel satisfied for longer without those dreaded energy dips.

The good thing about Indie Bay Snacks is that they are: all natural, a great source of fibre, no added sugar, vegan and a great source of protein. You can buy them from retailers such as Ocado, wholefoods and planet organic, for a full list check here. I’ll be adding my Indie Bay Snacks to my trail mix, so that I can grab it on the go and eat on my long training walks, ready for the 3peaks challenge. Not forgetting, these also act as a perfect pre-workout with my 3 pm coffee.

Have you ever tried Indie Bay Snacks before? Do you prefer sweet or savoury snacks?



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