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I watched Naked Attraction & I have thoughts…

Last week Graeme’s Brother came over and during our conversation, he started talking about a program called “Naked Attraction” and advising that it’s something, we simply must watch. Of course, I understand that this is not a new, cutting-edge program. It’s just that TV doesn’t have a huge impact on my life, I can take it or leave it. On the other hand, just the name peaked my natural human curiosity and frankly, I wanted to see what the fuss was all about…

I suppose, not unlike most British family’s, nudity was kept unwraps during my childhood. Whilst I don’t remember being uncomfortable with the human body, nudity was always a little bit taboo. As I grew older, I connected nudity with sexuality, my body was something to be covered up, hidden and was only uncovered when I was dating someone on a long-term basis.

If I was to pinpoint the time when I started to feel uncomfortable and/or aware of my body, I’d say it was in my early 20’s following a significant weight loss. I felt, almost as if I didn’t know my body as if I was living in a curious new shell and I had no idea if this was wrong, or right. Of course, there is no such thing as ‘Wrong’ or ‘Right‘ and we’re all only too aware of the complications with body confidence and acceptance, fully clothed, let alone nude.

Which brings me to why I found watching “Naked Attraction” so fascinating and empowering. I’d never seen so many people undressed, making the choice to be uncovered and at the same time, completely at ease. This might sound odd, but when I’m changing at the gym, I’m so focused on keeping my body covered that I’m certainly not staring at Julie. Who prefers locker 11, keeps up a strict waxing routine, likes lifting heavy and pictures of puppies. Alongside this, I’ve not seen my close friends in the nude, because (um, no reason to be in such situations) and I’m not a medical professional and/or a woman who has had many sexual partners.

For year’s, the only undressed persons I’d seen were those displaying perfectly contoured bodies in Magazines, or on Instagram and various other sources of social media. Then suddenly, I was faced with the reality that those bodies weren’t actually, the “norm” (whatever that might be) I was overjoyed. It appeared that a little bit of cellulite is common, stretch marks, curvy hips, and thighs, alongside lop-sided boobs. It’s all completely natural and few people sat within the high-end beauty standards set by 1% of the population.

I have no doubt, that for many people this is nothing new, yet for me, it felt like a complete revelation. For once, I was seeing people that looked like me, the nagging doubt that I was imperfect” was put to one side. I felt fantastic and for once, at a lot more at ease with my body. I was impressed by the people who were happy to be judged on physical attributes only, for me attraction is found in the eyes, a smile, and personality. I wasn’t surprised by the body confidence displayed by men, I suppose they are less likely to wear hang-ups as publicly as us women do.

Which leads me to the simple fact that I think we are wrongly convinced that men are only attracted to a certain kind of body type. We are taught that to be considered attractive or interesting, we need to conform, yet I’m convinced that actually, this is a result of women vs women. After all, a lot of these magazines and high-end Instagram accounts are run by women, with a focus on drawing in other women. I won’t lie, I love the female form, I admire a great body, but I’m happy to admit that ‘great‘ is entirely subjective. Regardless of my complicated journey with my body, my choice to have cosmetic surgery and my weight fluctuations, I am fully aware that I am so much more than these numbers. I suppose, just seeing the reality with my own eyes, reminded me of this very fact.

Could it be that once I eventually find acceptance with my body, I’ll have to find a whole new subject to concern myself with? Who knows? But one thing is for sure, you’ll be the first people I tell…


Tell me, have you ever watched Naked Attraction before? Could you bring yourself to be judged on your naked body?



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