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I Tried…YouTube Suggestions

YouTube is a funny ole place, I find my finger hovering over the little red icon and before I know it, I’ve lost 35minutes and watched various celebrities answer 73 questions and a random American girl eat 10,000 calories in 24 hours.

Which made me think, what if YouTube could be informative and helpful to me?

With this in mind, I set out to try some of the suggestions that had sat in my mind, whilst admittedly these are far from ‘Game Changing‘ revelations, I amused myself along the way…

  1. I let my husband choose my clothes…(Inspired by – Various young YouTubers)

I feel like I’m letting you into my darkest secrets, but there’s something so mindlessly joyful about watching a young woman explode with joy when her seemingly bewildered boyfriend picks something from the ASOS sale she likes. Maybe men are better at shopping than we give them credit for? Maybe I should find a new hobby…

Anyway, it felt hugely unethical to hand over my debit card and ask G to spend £400+ on clothing I didn’t need and/or would end up returning. Therefore, when we visited the huge TK Maxx in Manchester, I let G take the lead and pick out some clothing for me. The difference here is the fact I really trust him and his judgment, yet we had some fun along the way.

Dress one – He had good intentions but hadn’t noticed that whilst the hanger said ‘Small‘ the dress was XL and I appeared wearing what looked like an oversized, multicolored hospital gown.

Dress Two – Being observational, he picked up a pretty Ralph Lauren dress, very similar to one I already owned. Due to this fact, I resisted adding this to my basket, after all, I don’t need to be duplicating.

Dress Three – Perfect, simple polka dot dress, lovely 1950’s design and a hugely flattering fit – WIN

The Jacket – He knows I love Ralph Lauren and found a long caramel coat, G is not to blame but it looked like a giant stripper mac when I tried it on – Again, good intentions.

The Hoodie – He picked up the perfect casual hoodie, despite the fact I wasn’t looking for one, It had to come with me.

End Result – 2/5 (Would have been a 3, if I wasn’t trying to be sensible)

2) I shaved my Bikini Line using, olive oil and a men’s razor…(Inspired by – This video by Jessie)

Hi, so here we are approaching a very different kind of topic. Right, so hair removal isn’t taboo, we all know the joys of shaving rash, being caught unshaven and glorious ingrown hairs. Therefore, when I listened to Jessie recommend using a men’s razor and olive oil, I nipped to Tesco and brought ‘The best a (wo)man can get…’ and grabbed the olive oil from the kitchen cupboard.

Then later on that evening, after the gym I decided to try this for myself, the first time I poured so much Olive Oil on my hands that I was genuinely concerned my body was going to become an Olive scented slip and slide. Just for clarification, there’s absolutely NOTHING sensual about that. Anyway, it went well but what Jessie didn’t tell us is the Olive Oil clogs up the razor pretty fast, I’ve tried it a few times since but I think a men’s razor is the best option and you can leave out the Olive Oil.

End Result – 4/5 It works, but Coconut Oil might smell a touch nicer or just get a wax, better razor or just hair removal gel – Warn housemates/husband/bf before taking Olive Oil into the shower.

3) I made ‘Healthy Cookie Dough’ – Inspired by (This Recipe Here by Natacha)

I LOVE cookie dough, I also love breakfast and therefore this sounded like the perfect addition to my morning routine. I already had the oatmeal in stock, but I then decided to take out a second mortgage and buy some fancy ‘Calorie Free’ sugar and some ‘Calco Nibs’. I made this the night before and woke up excited to try, I wasn’t disappointed at all, I’d rate this a 13/10 – Try it.

End Result – 5/5 Just don’t buy that crazily overpriced calorie-free sugar doodah.

4) 11 Ways to show my cat how much I love her – Inspired by (This video here)

Despite us feeding her, showering her with love, allowing her to stop us from sleeping, sharing our food, building countless beds and paying vets bills, there’s still a chance our cat won’t know what we love her. What a frightening prospect? With this in mind, I tried slowly blinking at Lily and various other things that gained no real result apart from her looking away or rolling on her back.

As I wasn’t really getting the results I required, I took a moment to sit with Lily and explain the social experiment, she proceeded to clean her paws and then turn her back on me. I’ll hazard a guess that ‘Dreamies’ might have gained a more enthusiastic effect.

End Result – 3/5 I’ll give this a 3 as I got a chance to rub her belly, but I’d say just look after an animal in a kind, respectful way and you’ll be fine.


Tell me, have you ever tried and failed with YouTube suggestions?



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