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I tried…Riding a Jet Ski

When I initially came up with the idea of “I tried…” it was part of a masterplan to live a fuller life. Over the past year, I’ve tried sky diving, chocolate making courses, derma planning and now, I can add riding a Jet Ski to the list.

Well, in all honesty, when it came to riding a Jet Ski I had absolutely no idea what to expect, sure I’ve swum in open water, I’ve taken on inflatable water parks, but riding a motorized vehicle on the water? Yikes.

We decided that it might be more tactical for me to go first, unfortunately, this made more of an impact on the experience than we both imagined. Let me explain, we were advised to start with a “Stand Up” Jet Ski at first because it would feel like more of an accomplishment. This would have been ideal, had I not failed miserably to keep the engine running and/or even managed to accomplish kneeling on the Jet Ski.

For someone with a sensible level of balance and a little more confidence, it would be an extremely achievable and enjoyable experience. But reader, I’m not that person, so effectively I ran down the battery and ended up pushing the Jet Ski back across the lake.

Fortunately, whilst the battery was being recharged, we were able to take out a sit down Jet Ski, which felt like the easy option, sometimes I prefer the easy option.

G went first and zoomed around the lake, circling with speed and precision. I found myself watching and trying not to focus on not feeling too guilty for running down the battery on the other Jet Ski or make any kind of eye contact with the people repairing it.

I climbed onto the Jet Ski with a feeling of relief that there was limited technical or physical requirements from me, I could simply press start, keep my hand on the accelerator and steer. I cruised along at what can only be described as an embarrassingly slow pace, but I took in the views, focused on keeping a calm head and really enjoyed myself.

Would I recommend taking out a Jet Ski?

Yes, one hundred perfect – Just remember to listen to the instructions, keep a calm mind and be a whole lot braver than I was.




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