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I tried Plyometric training and this is what happened…

Firstly let me start this post with an explanation, I’d reached what I’d cheerfully call a “Fitness Funk” – A phase where you do the same thing over and over, only to wonder why different results aren’t instantly happening. Once the realization kicked in that, actually, the only way to improve was with one of my least favourite things, change.

Fast forward 6 weeks, I’d gone from repeating the same routine over and over, to trying to find a spring in my step and wondering, will it ever get easier?

What is Plyometrics training?

Plyometrics, also known as jump training or plyos, are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power (speed-strength).

Is Plyometrics training, easy?

This is almost impossible for me to answer, because everyone’s base level of fitness and agility is entirely different. For me, this has and will continue to be an uphill battle, I’ve got very limited stretch in my lower body, and I lack the power to do very basic moves. I spent a solid 20 minutes relentlessly battling with a forward roll to standing, which frankly, I couldn’t master. G came along and displayed this move whilst exerting absolutely zero effort, regardless it doesn’t mean I’m ready to give up.

So, what is your final goal from Plyometics Training?

Mixed in with weight training, HIIT training and running, my objective is to build a stronger, more resilient body. Alongside that, faster, more efficient running and of course, actually being able to complete the moves!

How long have you been training? Has anything of note happened yet?

At the point of writing this post, I’m coming up to my 7th week of training and I’m happy to report that finally, the process with some moves is becoming more fluid. I genuinely think that for real changes to come to light, we need to allow 10-12 weeks.

Personally, I’m an individual who for better or worse, doesn’t normally pick up new moves quickly. But, once I’ve got into a flow? Happy days! For realistic long-term results, I’m going to allow a longer timeframe and really challenge myself to change.

On a positive note, my running fitness has improved and that’s by focusing on setting a more varied routine around my training. Another result of this is that my overall fitness and agility is improving too.

Would you recommend it?

Absolutely, and my reason for this is simple, I find that changing up my fitness routine is the best way for me to fall back in love with moving my body.

On the other hand, if you’ve previously suffered from any kind of knee injury, I’d definitely suggest giving this a miss. Or modifying the moves with the guidance of a professional.


If you’re a runner or just looking to try some of these moves out as part of your routine. A good place to start is with YouTube and I firmly recommend the below video.




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