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I tried…Hot Yoga

I live my life with the “Never Say Never” theory and it’s working pretty well so far…

Therefore, when my friend invited me to Hot Yoga, my answer was an instant and confident “Yes“. I’ve tried Yoga several times over the years and have never felt that deep connection that so many people rave about. Despite that, I’m forever curious and rather than wondering if Hot Yoga would be any different, I was ready to give it a try.

On arrival to the studio, I instantly realized that I’d made a huge mistake, despite focusing on dressing correctly, being on time and keeping an open mind, I’d forgotten my water and towel. When it comes to Hot Yoga, forgetting a large bottle of water and a towel is a rooky error you certainly don’t want to make, you should learn from my mistake. Fortunately, I was able to purchase water and you can also hire towels, although I wouldn’t recommend taking that for granted.

I explained to the teacher I was very inexperienced Yogi and she gave me her blessing to sit, rest or adopt child’s pose if needs be. We then entered the “Pod” which was like entering a giant inflatable, immersive yoga studio, filled with relaxing music and soothing smells. I found a matt, laid down and allowed myself to take a few moments to consider how I was feeling. 5 minutes passed, the warmth had enveloped me like a hug and I realized that I was at complete ease.

The class started and we eased into some of the more traditional moves and sequences, I was able to complete around 70% of the poses but I hadn’t taken into account just how hot the studio would become. I looked around at all the glistening bodies, focused in the moment and realized that despite my reservations, I was comfortable and enjoying the experience. I listened to my body and took time to rest, adapt poses or just sit and watch, much to my surprise the 60 minutes flew by.

Key Facts… *I tried “Hotpod Yoga” and there are only 20 people per class. *The flow is Vinyasa and the temperature is 37 degrees. *All levels are welcome, I’m extremely uptight and inflexible at times and I felt entirely at ease.

Would I return? Absolutely, because it was the first time that I felt a complete escape through the practice of Yoga, I finished the class feeling refreshed and uplifted.

Have you ever tried Hot Yoga before?



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