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I Tried…Aqua Aerobics

Like two over excited après Easter Bunnies my sister Sarah and I flounced around on Tuesday evening, asking each other if a bikini is acceptable attire (it is) and what shampoo would be best after swimming? (Any…)

We were off to Aqua Aerobics’s…

I’d placed Aqua Aerobics in the back of my mind reserved for things I’ll do one day’ on the basis I’m not super keen on swimming, I used to feel self aware in a bikini and I never really considered in a high intensity work out. 

The reality is I should never have worried or held back, these are the key points I picked up during our class. 

*The classes are mainly women, of mixed ages, shapes and sizes – So get rid of any excuses you might have building up.

*The intensity depends on you, if you want a harder work out try squeeze 9 reps when the instructor tell’s you go for 8…

*If you’re pregnant, struggle with injury or are over weight these classes are perfect because the water allows for considerably lower impact on the joints/body.

*If you’re a contact lenses wearer like me don’t let this put you off, because the workout will not require you go under the water.

*Those who are not strong swimmers should not feel any concern; there’s often an option to stay in the more shallow part of the pool. 

*I know it will vary from different areas of the UK and respective gym costs/conditions but I found our local class very cost effective at only £3.50.

Have you ever attended a class? Or do you take Aqua classes often?… Katie  x

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