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I Tried…A Chocolate Making Course

Well, where do I start…

There are worse places to land up than at a Chocolate Truffle Making Course in central London aren’t there?

G and I had been kindly gifted this opportunity at Christmas and finally, our time to become chocolate covered Katie & Graeme in had come. I was excited (well, obs!) because I love to eat chocolate, talk about chocolate and make truffles. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect to blog about this so the photo’s aren’t up to my normal standard, plus it’s hard to make certain elements of truffle making look…tasteful.

We started, in a way I’d like all classes to start and that is by enjoying some chocolate covered marshmallows, with thanks to the glorious chocolate fountain. Then we were talked through how to tell the difference between chocolate and confectionery. I’m still not ashamed to admit that I love Cadbury, regardless of that fact it’s not ‘authentic‘.

Then dark chocolate was melted, the cream was added and we were set to work by mixing the two and spooning the mix into our piping bag, ready to pipe out on our trays. Once we’d made our ganache center, we rolled these into generously sized truffles, ready for coating.

Clearly, I was having a terrible time…

The final step was to coat our truffles, the instructor started by melting the chocolate (using a microwave) and tempering the chocolate on a large piece of granite (he made it look effortless, here’s a guide). We then popped on our disposable gloves and coated our hands in chocolate, then used our hands to cover each truffle individually. Our truffles where then rolled in icing sugar and cocoa powder, with the added extra of a white chocolate drizzle.

To complete our course, we bagged up our truffles (6 per bag was the recommended number) and added ribbon in every available color. Feeling proud and in need of something savory, we took an hour’s stroll across London and landed up in ‘Honest Burger‘, because why not go hard before going home?

Have you ever made truffles before?



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