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I had Semi Permanent Makeup and this is what happened…

I think it’s fair to say that most modern women have what I’d call an “Eyebrow Timeline” – Mine starts with shaving mine off aged 13. Those cheery little stumps were the kind of look that’s never ever going to catch on. I then, fell head over heels in love with the super-thin arch, jet black look, because the concept of hair colored liner was simply beyond me. Gradually, I rebuilt my brows and with the help of a makeup artist learned how to fill in the gaps with powder. But, like all good things this takes time and effort, I’m busy, a little bit vain and I just want great brows in a hurry.

With this in mind, I started looking into the prospect of having Semi Permanent Make Up, to save time, effort and enjoy 18 months of “perfect” brows.

So, what is Semi Permanent Make Up?Semi-Permanent Make up is a solution to an instantly “made up” appearance, with treatments such as eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner. There are several different names for this procedure such as micropigmentation, microblading and SPMU. The treatment involves injecting pigment through a fine vibrating needle or blade into the most superficial layers of the skin. But, unlike a Tattoo it’s likely that your brows will be numbed first and the color will fade over time.

I took a recommendation and went to meet Ceri Noble about having a permanent solution to my eyebrow woes. During our first consultation, we discussed the look I desired, I removed my eyebrow makeup and allowed her to inspect my natural brows. She then spent some time drawing on the style she felt would suit me best from our discussions. I went for a mix of micro-blading strokes and semi-permanent powder, however, due to how dark my eyebrows are naturally, I think that solid power would be better for me in the future.

On the day of my first treatment, I arrived with no brow makeup, but my normal eye makeup, so I could view the finished result looking like “me”.  Numbing cream was applied, we went over the desired result again to make sure I was fully happy. Ceri drew an outline, I laid down and the treatment began. The best way to describe the sensation is that it’s not unlike being scratched, the pain is completely manageable and I was able to relax and anticipate my new brows.

At first, my brows were super dark and dramatic, which is a look I love, but the color fades during the healing process and this was not the end result. It was suggested that I use coconut oil to help with the healing, but unfortunately, I’ve since found out that I’m allergic and this caused a lot of flaking and color loss. Thankfully, Ceri was fantastic and on my next appointment to “touch up” one month after the first application, she reapplied the pigment. We agreed that a dry heal (without lotion) would be best for me, as a result, I had far less scabbing and kept most of the pigment in place.

How has having Semi-Permanent Make up helped me?Primarily it’s been a time-saving exercise, but I do think a dramatic brow can really lift and shape a face. It’s a completely personal choice and for me, anything that makes me feel more confident is a bonus.

When it comes to having Semi-Permanent makeup, one of my biggest recommendations, is finding a technician that you trust. It’s so important to have someone who understands the end result you’re looking for. Also, if you have sensitive skin it’s worthwhile that they carry out a patch test first, I’d recommend making sure that they are insured, approved by the local council and are using fully sterile equipment.  It’s tempting to go for a “bargain” but this is your physical appearance, is it really worth it? If someone is seriously cheap, you need to ask yourself why? Anyone with a good reputation will have a strong portfolio and genuine reviews for you to consider first.

I hope you’ve found this helpful, feel free to fire over any questions to me and I’ll do my best to answer them.



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