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I had a Breast Augmentation and this is how I feel one year later

Now that more than 12 months have passed and I’m fully recovered, I felt that it would be apt to write a final post to round up my “Cosmetic Surgery” series. For me it’s been a completely life-changing experience, I still, however, standby the fact surgery is something that needs to be taken very seriously and given a lot of consideration. As always with these posts, this is my personal opinion and my own journey. With that in mind, read on and feel free to drop me a line should you have any further questions.

Cosmetic Surgery has completely changed how I view my figure…

I’m what you’d describe as a typical pear shape, which has only been highlighted by my recent weight gain. But, my fuller bust not only balances out my shape but gives me the womanly shape I had no idea I desired. After years of dieting, calorie control and idealizing the lithe body type, my feelings towards my body have changed entirely.

I’m so much more confident…

Firstly, it’s absolutely crucial for me to remind you that confidence is a mindset, I resolutely wouldn’t recommend having surgery as a “quick fix” because that won’t be the solution. As a matter of fact, it’s a vastly dangerous choice if it’s not for the right reasons. What surgery did give me is a boost to hold my head higher, a lot of downtime to learn about working on my mindset and improved body/overall confidence.

I dress differently…

Thankfully this seasons style is very feminine, which works perfectly for me and I’m so much more focused on wearing color than I have been before. I do avoid certain styles, primarily because I want to maintain some dignity and class. However, I won’t deny having the option to go braless with no dramatic side effects certainly has its benefits.

I have to sleep in a bra…

One of the lesser spoken about elements post-surgery is the fact it’s sensible to sleep in a bra, I’ve got a few super soft wireless bras so it’s not at all uncomfortable. But, the only downside is that I can no longer sleep on my front, which I do sincerely miss.

The end result is impressively natural…

Due to the fact, I had my implants under my muscles; the end result is a natural teardrop-shaped breast with no bulbous round outline. The scars under my breasts have already faded, which was something I’m delighted by. I can wear a low cut top or strappy vest and people might just think that gravity/genetics have been kind to me.

Women ask tonnes more questions than Men…

Say what you like about Men, but I’m fortunate to know mature, sensible and supportive fella’s – Sure I’ve had a few playful comments but Women are a far more forthcoming. I suppose it’s entirely natural and something we have in common, I have been surprised how many other Women are also tempted to make the change. I do believe that as time goes on, it’ll become more normal and people will understand it’s not a procedure we have with the sole focus of becoming sexually alluring. For the record, I’ve not become sexy, I’m still like a bog monster.

Returning to swimming ached more than returning to running…

The first time I ran it was extremely uncomfortable and I now generally only wear high impact Shock Absorber Sports Bras. After, a few weeks of running  everything felt completely back to normal; that was until I tried to swim. Breaststroke is my preferred style and I won’t deny, the first few sessions were painful and I feared that my love of swimming would be cut short. Fortunately, that was not the case, my return to fitness is taking time, but from a physical point of view, the surgery hasn’t held me back at all.

I’d do it all again…

Yes, it cost me a lot of time, my recovery was a 3 month commitment with a lot of follow up appointments and sometimes worry. But, I’d do it all again because the difference it’s made to my well being, view of my body and confidence made it entirely worthwhile.





If this is something you are thinking of, please check out my previous posts. As always, I cannot stress enough the importance of doing this for the right reasons.

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