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How to – Host your own Afternoon Tea…

I’ve told you once, but I’m sure you won’t mind me telling you again, I absolutely adore Afternoon Tea.

There’s something so quintessentially British about sitting down to platters of dainty sandwiches, scones with fresh whipped cream and jam, pastel ccolored cakes – A feast for the eyes!

To make hosting your own Afternoon Tea, enjoyable and stress-free I recommend breaking it into the following elements:

Sandwiches – What are you going to serve? We went for one plate of ‘Cheese‘ with salad, chutney and plain. Then one plate of ‘Fish‘ with salmon and tuna salad, finally a plate of ‘Meat‘ featuring chicken salad and ham.

Scones – The base of a great afternoon tea is light and airy scones, with lots of cream and jam. We went for fruit and plain scones, I’ll provide details of a foolproof recipe below.

Cake – Well, it just wouldn’t be complete without a selection of cakes, we included the following: Carrot cake, smarties cookies and a selection of cream cakes and macaroons. In relation to the cream cakes, I nipped to our local Costco and bought a selection box, as I knew there was no way I’d be able to make these from scratch. You can simplify this by serving one or two cakes, adding additions such as jam tarts, fondant fancies or flapjack.

To keep things relatively stressfree, preparation is key!

We baked the scones the day before, the cream cakes only had to defrost, the cookies only took 15 minutes and these are an addition Included because we have children at the event. Much to my amusement, they were most interested in sandwiches, strawberries and macaroons.

Don’t feel afraid to think outside the box or cater for your audience, I added additions such as fresh fruit, crisps and cocktail sausages. Other lovely additions include mini quiches, pork pies, sausage rolls and savoury scones.

The best part is if there’s any left you can enjoy scones, cream and cake for dinner too! Win – Win!

Have you ever made afternoon tea at home before?



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