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How I reached 1 Million+ Pinterest Monthly Unique Viewers…

If I was a betting woman, I’d be putting my money on Pinterest being the “Buzzword” for bloggers in 2020 and I’m here to share how I hit 1 Million Monthly Unique Views on my Pinterest. Please note, that’s not 1 Million views on my blog, but that would be amazing, wouldn’t it? 

Okay, so I’ll cut to the chase, you want to know how right? But before I go into too much detail, I’ll cover the basics of “Why” and how I’m slowly evolving my Pinterest to gradually increase my blog page views.

In simple terms, I’d describe Pinterest as a visual search engine. Every day, 2 million people post pins, resulting in a total of more than 100 billion pins currently living on Pinterest*.  From outfit inspiration to decor, what to eat for dinner, and how to put together the perfect flat lay, chances are that Pinterest will have the answer.

The best way to drive traffic to your blog from Pinterest is to create a “Pin” for each of your posts, alongside “Pin Worthy” Images that’ll attract attention in the sea of visuals. When it comes to designing “Pins” some people will use a set template and I firmly recommend Canva for this or alternatively, you can pay a VA to design “Pins” for you.

Here’s an example of a Canva Pinterest Template and the features I include in my pins:

*Pin Descriptions Count – Example how you can help, what is your blog post about?

*Make sure the content is clean, clear and eye-catching.

*Feature your website address, that’s an important way of getting people to remember you and your brand.

*Avoid using pictures of your face, unless it’s relative to the post. Why? People are using Pinterest as a Search Engine, so it’s really not the same as Instagram for example. For time-saving options, I discuss the places I use for stock photos in this post here 

Primarily, make sure you name each board according to the content and then make sure that the board cover fits the topic. It sounds obvious, but in some cases, it’s the first thing people notice, which means it’s worth making the effort.

Here’s how I style my Pinterest Boards –

It’s very tempting to add a catchy or quirky name to your board, but I’ve had the most success by keeping the name simple, so that my board will come up when people search for “Boards” rather than just “Pins”.

In relation to the board cover, you can change this by following these steps:

  1. Create a custom board cover.

  2. Upload the image, link it to your blog/website, and add it to your desired board.

  3. Edit” the board, making sure you take the time to write a description of what people can expect to find on your board and “Change the image” and save.

To ensure that my Pin’s get maximum traction I follow a few rules:

  1. I post varied content, people won’t follow if you just post endless links to your own blog posts. My Pinterest includes a range of topics I love, from fashion to food, decor, travel, and quotes.

  2. I post around 25-40 times EACH DAY, which is a selection of my own content, content from other websites, content from group boards, and Pinterest content I love.

  3. Tailwind allows me to post on a schedule and this means I can draft a massive volume of Pins and leave it running whilst I get on with my everyday life because I don’t have the time to manually post 25-40 pins each day.

  4. I use Group Boards to promote my blog Pins and ensure that not only my Pins apply to the rules of the board, but that I also play fairly and re-pin other content.

  5. Another key point of using an application like Tailwind is that it gives me access to “Tribes” which are effectively Group Boards and mean that my Pin’s feature on a wider range of boards.


I hope you’ve found this post useful if you’ve got any questions please give me a shout!



How to gain 1 Million Pinterest Views Per Month
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