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How I’ll make 2018 Fabulous

Create weekly objectives – I feel that breaking down my ‘To do’ into weekly chunks I’ll be able to achieve goals in a way that is not only more realistic but also reap the uplifting reward of ‘weekly success’. After all, who wouldn’t want to feel satisfied on a more regular basis?

Spending time on adventures – We’ve booked up to complete the 3 peaks challenge, we’re heading off to a chocolate making class and exploring a vineyard, memories matter!

Unsubscribe from e-mails – It’s simple, satisfying and creates a cleaner inbox with space to focus on the content I care about.

I shall unfollow people who make me feel bad – Simple as.

I’ll learn to love food again and stop mindlessly eating/binges – Also, I’ll make an effort to try new recipes and enjoy the process of making wholesome food again, without stupid labels or restriction (I tell myself this all the time by the way!) Breaking the binge cycle is going to be hard and I might fail.

Tidy Up One of my less desirable traits is the fact that sometimes I can be disorganised and messy, in my quest to find a more content balance, this must change. I’ve noticed a trend for the most ‘together’ people are the ones who prioritise organization.

Put my health first – Not weight loss BS, my actual HEALTH, for example, I need to keep up my vitamin B and Iron supplements, complete my cardiac tests and look into finding a good counsellor.

I’ll be a little braver, one step at a time – It’s hard to pinpoint or really explain, but I’ve become increasingly anxious about my work, contacting people after a long time and just putting myself out there. Each week I’ll set myself a ‘brave objective’ no matter how small.

Stop Comparisons – When the intoxicating feeling of comparison crawls into my head, I need to make the time to consider ‘Why am I feeling inadequate?’, ‘Are they doing something I’d actually want to do? If not, why should it bother me?’. Not forgetting, the fact I should then take that time to consider the achievements that I’m proud of.

I’ll become Mrs B – I cannot wait, I get to marry my best friend and it’s going to be perfectly imperfect, I’m bound to fall over, spill my drink or ugly cry, but at least I’ll be true to me!


What are your objectives for 2018?



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