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How I created a simplified wardrobe…

Let me start this with the fact that when I started blogging, I never expected that there would be a day when I was photographing my wardrobe. There’s an element of this that’s against everything I wanted share on for my little space on the internet, then I realised how good it was for my well-being and it felt natural to share.

I’ve always been a hoarder, I give ‘thing’s’ too much emotional attachment and this has been deeply ingrained in my wardrobe for many years.

There was a time when I found temporary joy in lining up endless pairs of shoes and bags, only to return to a state of sadness shortly after. I fell into a trap of going out shopping for a boost, with an objective of buying as much as possible, for as little as possible, only to return how frustrated that I couldn’t fit everything in.

Would I say that I’ve cured my addiction?

Yes & No.

Yes) I’ve made a promise to myself that I’ll only buy items that I absolutely need and will go with other pieces in my wardrobe.

No) I’m still spending hours pinning gorgeous pieces, dreaming of being able to wear sky high heels and I’ve kept a few pieces that deep down I know I should rehome.

How do I feel about cheap fashion? Where did my clothing, shoes and bags go?

*Firstly, whilst the ethics behind cheap fashion are extremely concerning, I’m very honest about the fact I’ve brought into this market for many years. However, with the increased cost of living and the fact, this is the only choice for many people and I choose to respect that fact.

*My Clothing, Shoes and Bags went to various places:

A mental health running charity

A charity specialising in getting women back into the workplace (this was for my workwear etc)

On Xmas day I fed the homeless of our local town breakfast, we took many unwanted coats, hats, scarfs etc to this event

Family and friends

eBay – Because my junk is someone else’s treasure

How is my wardrobe made up? How do I afford a few ‘luxury’ pieces?

When I was clearing my clothing, I was also clearing my mind and trying to make some peace with how I was feeling with myself. I’d fallen into a funk of wearing leggings, an oversized jumper and baggy dresses, whilst ignoring simple, flattering and comfortable pieces.

Let’s start with shoes…

I am a lover of nice footwear, I generally prefer flats but for special occasions, I’ll wear heels. I picked up these buttery soft Ralph Lauren ‘Lauren’ boots at Swindon outlet, if you sign up online there’s an additional 10% which makes them a lot more cost effective.

I have a few pairs of shoes from my days of living at home, I keep these staples for days when jeans and t-shirt is in need of prepping up or if we’re going out for dinner. I chose my designer shoes carefully on the basis that they would be a statement when I’m wearing a plainer outfit.

Places like Bicester Shopping Village and The Outnet make buying key designer pieces a lot more cost effective before making an investment make sure you absolutely LOVE the item and it’ll work for years.

I recommend going for a coffee and having a long hard think before making a purchase you’ll regret. These Gucci shoes are around 6 years old now, I keep all my shoes in boxes and care for them to ensure a prolonged life.

What about clothing?

When I cleared out my wardrobe I decided to stick with a few key colours, I’ve found that plainer style’s suit me best when choosing separates. In relation to patterns, as a generalisation, this is something that I veer towards with my dresses and accessories. Colours and styles are so very personal, I’m avoiding being swayed by fashion and keeping to what genuinely suits me and works with what I already have.

I use hangers to display my scarfs and belts, this saves on buying fancy hangers and means you can access them in a hurry, whilst keeping everything in one place. To save space, I’ve hung my jeans on hangers which allow for multiple pairs, you can pick up this sort of thing in Ikea or via Amazon.

When it comes to luxury, as I’ve mentioned above I do enjoy going to places such as Swindon Outlet and Bicester Shopping Village. However, my best bargains have been found in TK-Maxx, you can pick up Ralph Lauren dresses for less than you’d spend on a dress in Topshop.

I also firmly recommend looking on eBay for brand new, unworn items has many people buy luxury items, to never wear them and it’s a great way to find a rare piece of clothing. My number one piece of advice is to avoid buying a high-end bag via eBay. This tends to be where most fraud occurs and by buying fake, not only are you supporting the black market you’re also wasting your money.

Continuing this topic, high end doesn’t always mean it’s worth your hard-earned money. I love the quality of shops like Joules, French Connection, Yummi, Next etc and they don’t break the bank.

Great style isn’t something that’s found in a certain clothing brand, style is how you wear something and how you carry yourself.

Thinking of clearing our your wardrobe? I’m confident you won’t regret it, I’ve made this handy guide to help you along your way.

Tell me about your wardrobe? Is everything in control or are you a hoarder like I was?



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