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Heavenly Desserts – Northampton

I have a raging sweet tooth, a craving so intense that I’ll battle against the traffic, into the bitter winter night, with a dear companion by my side and into the stylish haven that is Heavenly Desserts. On entering the first thing we noticed and admired is how stylish the decor is, this dessert parlour lends it’s self to Instagram, a desirable and chic background to allow the desserts to take centre stage.

We started by being introduced to these little squares of delight, Artisan cakes with the most delicate sponge, and sweet flavours including: Cookies and cream, Lemon, Strawberry, Vanilla and Ferrero Rocher. After tasting the mocktails, which were the perfect palette cleaners between courses, we started to devour a pancake drizzled with white chocolate, served with tart raspberries and creamy vanilla ice cream.

Could this get any better?

Apparently so…

Heavenly Desserts have perfected the waffle, light as a feather and partnered with toppings to please the even the most particular dessert connoisseur. With much gusto we continued our journey into what I can only describe as dessert wonderland, stopping only to groan positive comments about how good everything was, it’s a hard life. We then took a moment to refresh with Oreo milkshakes, which are ideal if you want to join in but don’t have enough room for a whole dessert.

My only regret is that my apparently insatiable appetite failed me and I couldn’t finish the cookie dough with Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and Nutella ice cream. Despite that, this was the dessert of the night, there’s something about spoonfuls of warm cookie dough that makes me want to rate this as 10/10.

We visited the Heavenly Desserts Northampton Branch (229-231 Wellingborough Road) but fear not, there are other locations including cities such as Birmingham, Liverpool and Oxford. If you get the chance, I firmly recommend skipping dinner and heading right out for dessert or finishing off a meal with something that’ll knock your socks off!


What is your favourite dessert?



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