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Healthy Snacks For Elevenses

Hello Folks,

Tell me, how is settling back to work after a 4 day weekend going for you? With an extra two day’s off and the clocks changing I’m completely out of sync.

Well, If I’m honest, it doesn’t take an awful lot!

Let’s talk about food, more precisely let me lead the way to a little inspiration for the ideal office snacks or ‘Elevenses if you will. I’m delighted share that my recipe for ‘Superfood Flapjacks’ is featured alongside other other delicious treats in a FREE eBook.

Elevenses in the office offers a selection of healthy and wholesome snacks, smoothies, breakfast’s on the go and of course, some sweet treats.

This eBook is ideal for when you are tired of eating the same snacks and fancy something a bit different or if you are simply building a library of recipe books.


What’s your favourite mid morning or mid afternoon snack? I’m currently addicted to energy bites or home made bar’s…



Disclaimer: Please note this is a sponsored post – Elevenses in the office book was brought to you by Furniture At Work.

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