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Healthy Lifestyle Hacks Part 2 : Making Your Own Flour

A few week’s ago I had to promptly excuse myself from a Sunday Lunch out, I had a frantic dash across town to our local health food shop to find ‘Brown Rice Flour’. I turned up and my heart sank, they were shut and the loaf of superfood bread I’d had on my mind was going to have to be put on hold for yet another day. 

During my drive home I had a realisation, a ‘I am a genius‘ idea..

Hang about…complete overreaction..complete loss of modesty alert..

I am not a genius at all; this is not a unique concept at all either, but a much lower cost, handy concept to keep in mind should you find yourself out of your favourite flour or if you need ‘just a little’ for a recipe.

I’ll cut to the chase, using my nutribullet I’ve made buckwheat, brown rice, oat and quiona flour in less than 30 minutes. All you need to do is rinse the grain (unless you are making oat flour) and allow to dry, lightly toast (but you don’t have to if you are in a hurry), grind and volia you have instant grain flour.

As a helping hand I’ve answered some questions that may spring to mind:

*Why do you toast the grain? It has been noted to give the grain a stronger flavour.

*Do I need a Nutribullet? Nope, I’m sure any high powder processor or nut grinder will do exactly the same job.

*Can I do the same to make nut flour? Absolutely, lightly roasted hazelnuts make a incredible ‘Healthy Nutella‘.

*How long will the flour keep for? The flour will be good for 2 months kept in an air tight container, however if the grain is short dated please keep this in mind.

Hopefully I’ve covered everything, but as ever if you have any questions please just give me a nudge.

Tell me, have you ever made your own flour? What was the last thing you baked?



Note – This image was taken from Google, if this is yours please let me know and I’ll remove it/add credit.

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