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Grain Free Seeded Loaf

I’m one of those people who can go for weeks without bread.

Then, I’m walking through the supermarket, picking up lots of items I had no intention to buy and the smell of a freshly baked loaf hits me. I’ll be the first to admit, since cutting grains from my diet the desire for freshly baked bread had been stronger than ever..

This grain free loaf is rather twee, but its protein packed, seriously easy to make and it freezes perfectly. I often find myself standing in my kitchen, wondering what to do next whilst devouring slices of this bread warm with almond butter and chia jam.

I do honestly think that carbs are my soul mate.

If I am trying not to be too gluttonous this loaf would last me around 4 days, don’t be put off by the size of this loaf as it pack’s a substantial energy hit.

The original recipe is here, I added additions such as chopped nuts and chia seeds but the loaf is just as pleasing without.

Grain Free Seeded Loaf


110g Ground Flaxseed

50g Ground Almonds

4 Whole Eggs (Beaten)

30g Mixed Seeds

Pinch of salt

A teaspoon of baking powder

4 Tablespoons of water


Pre: heat your oven to 190degrees and line a small loaf tin with greaseproof paper.

Mix together the beaten eggs, water and salt in a large bowl. Now add in the flax, almond, baking powder and seeds.

Stir until thoroughly combined and oven bake for 30mins, allow to cool and layer with your favourite toppings.

Talk to me: Have you ever baked your own bread before? Or wraps? They are something I find tempting but daunting!



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