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Gorgeously Inclusive Lingerie From Simply Be

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7th January 2019, marks the day that I discovered I’d been wearing the wrong bra size all of my adult life. I, like millions of other women, was convinced my size was correct because I’d used an online calculator and I didn’t know any different. Before I had my surgery, I had been wearing a 34A and ignoring the fact that the band was often a little large and that my breasts would often over-spill from the cups, but I was “right“.

Almost 80 percent of women are still wearing ill-fitting bras…

When I booked in for my Breast Augmentation, my desire was to become a D/DD cup and due to my height and curvy frame, this would have been completely in proportion. During my recovery, I spent hours online shopping, saving beautiful bra’s in size 34D, ready to purchase when I was finally able to wear an underwired bra again. Prior to my huge “Bra Shopping Spree, thankfully I took myself to be professionally measured and nearly fainted when I was fitted as a 30FF or 32F depending on the brand and style.

Inclusive Lingerie - A to L Cup

I purchased a couple of bra’s and then continued around the shopping center, I was fully focused and on a one-woman mission to seek out a wider selection. Only to find that not a single other retailer stocked my size. I returned to my car feeling bewildered, confused and completely out of touch with my body. I could accept that I clearly wasn’t a 34A to start with, but due to my larger than average cup size and small back measurement, it felt as if I was completely pushed out of the high street lingerie market.

Did you know that cup sizes don’t actually equal the size of your breasts? As a matter of fact, cup sizes refer to the difference between the size of your breasts and your rib cage.

I’ve always loved lingerie and wearing a beautiful matching set give’s me a real feeling of self-confidence, I wear fabulous underwear to please myself – I’ll be chilling in leggings and huge sweater, but satisfied that there’s something elegant and feminine underneath. With this in mind, I didn’t want to be restricted to pieces that were old fashioned, boring, cumbersome and/or uncomfortable. When I discovered that Simply Be had a huge selection of fully inclusive underwear that goes up to an L cup, I was absolutely thrilled.

What I love most about the Simply Be underwear collections is how size inclusive they are. For many years lingerie companies have ignored the fact that women of all sizes want to feel good about themselves. Why should we have to settle for dull beige, frumpy undergarments? 

Finally, I was able to find a bralette in my size, something I’d longed to add to my underwear collection, but it felt like every other retailer stopped at a D cup.  The band is thick and supportive, alongside this, the cups provide enough support for me to wear this out and about, or even just as a gloriously comfortable sleep bra.

Inclusive Lingerie - A to L Cup

Little details? They matter I love this  Pour Moi St Topez set because it’s perfectly feminine, I was drawn in by the embroidered cups and slim straps, plus the matching shorts provide comfort without comprising on VPL.

Inclusive Lingerie - A to L Cup

Underwear drawer basics?  Every woman’s underwear drawer should include a basic black bra, a simple white t-shirt bra and of course, a black strapless bra and I’ve found this Pour Moi Bra a handy addition. If you’re looking for something more playful, there’s a huge selection of gorgeous sets or little extras such as lacy shorts, which are the ideal (and more comfortable) alternative to a thong.

Inclusive Lingerie - A to L Cup

How do you feel about your underwear collection? Are you matchy matchy? Or comfort over style?



Inclusive Lingerie For Everybody
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