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Go Faster Food & Go Bites Review

When it comes to food, I’m very much an advocate of two things:

1) Eating wholesome food that I really enjoy

2) Eating enough food, I don’t care for small servings.

So, it’ll come as no surprise that the philosophy behind Go Faster Food matched my ethos perfectly, with tasty energy giving meals to fuel performance and everyday life. Of course, don’t just take my word for it, Kate’s recipe books are used by Olympians, Great Run, 220 Triathlon and the GB Youth Winter Olympic Development Squad.

With this in mind I tried a few days of eating using Go Faster Food as my guideline, let me tell you this, it made for wonderful meal times.


Peanut Butter Oatmeal with fresh strawberries and blueberries…


Chicken sausages with a mix of roasted vegetables, couscous and hummus (not pictured but the recipe was from the book Go faster food for your active family).

A packet of ‘Go Bites’, these were the ideal 3 pm snack as I was going running after work and I felt that I needed something that would give me the energy to continue my day and also fuel my run. I’ve tried many energy bites over the years and I loved the fact that these weren’t overly sweet, as that only makes me crave more sugar after. I also rated the fact there’s 3 in a pack, this is absolutely perfect for me as I prefer to eat in volume.

They also come in 3 varieties which are:

Boost Date & Coconut

RefuelApricot & Seeds

RecoverHazelnut & Chocolate.

Personally, I feel all smug when my snack is 1 of my 5 a day, gluten, dairy free and the added bonus of no refined sugars.


I often find after running in the evening I crave something lighter for dinner, however, it still needs to be satisfying and nutritious to refuel my body. With that in mind, I made these tasty sweet corn fritters from the Go faster food for your active family book and served them with a large side salad. I’m delighted to say that these were not only a hit with me but also my partner.

In my opinion, there’s a good reason that Kate’s book is a best seller, each recipe I tried turned out perfectly and it couldn’t have come at a better time since I’m training for many different events. I liked the fact that the recipes were not overly complicated, made with everyday kitchen ingredients and can be made without spending hours in the kitchen.

When it comes to Go Bites not only are they a brilliant snack for on the go (and ideal for training) when you buy a packet of Go Bites you’ll also be doing some good. Why? 10% of the profit from every Go Bite is reinvested into educating young people about the link between eating well, how we feel and sports performance.

Fancy trying some for yourself? You can buy Go Bites and Kate’s selection of recipe books hereEveryone likes a freebie, so I recommend signing up for the free weekly training recipe too!



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