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Gifts For Cat Lovers – Under £15.00*

It’s that time of year again, whilst I don’t normally publish gift guides I thought it might be fun to put together something a little different. Most of us know a cat lover and it felt fitting to pop together a little guide of gifts which embrace this, whilst sticking to a budget which is mainly under £15.00.

Personally, I love anything with the gorgeous little Pusheen cat, I get the impression he loves doughnuts almost as much as I do! The cat necklace is a complete bargain at £3.50 making it the perfect little stocking filler. If you’re feeling a touch more spendy, I’ve included a Ted Baker bag which is £40 but really stylish and there are small versions available if that would suit your budget better.

3 ~ Cat Ring Holder

2 ~ Cat T-Shirt

Out of everything I’d most like to receive the cat solar light (there’s a dog option for dog lovers too!) or the cat necklace. What would you buy the cat or dog lover in your life? Do you think there’s a time when we grow out of this sort of thing?



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