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Free Training Online For Fitness/Health Professionals

Whilst I might not work directly in the fitness industry, I’m well aware of the fact the current climate is tricky to navigate whilst working in the fitness industry. Whilst many people I follow are creating amazing online content and classes for existing and new clients to get involved with. Here are a few sources of free training/ways to expand your knowledge that I’ve discovered whilst surfing around online.

TRX Suspension Training Course

TRX®, the global leader in functional training equipment, world-class training content, and App-based training technology, announced its preeminent professional education course – TRX Suspension Training Course (STC) – will be available virtually and free of charge beginning today. In response to the current global climate amid COVID-19, TRX is providing an unprecedented level of support to health and fitness professionals around the world who have helped elevate the company to its prominence in the fitness industry.

Special Olympics (Ideal for fitness professionals, carers and parents)

For the first time in its over 50-year history, Special Olympics has created a fitness video series in partnership with WWE for Special Olympics athletes, led by Special Olympics athletes. Launched today, the School of Strength fitness campaign targets Special Olympics athletes in their teens and late 20s, and lives on The fitness campaign features four workout videos with varying levels of difficulty in flexibility, strength, balance and endurance exercises encouraging athletes to commit to a lifetime of fitness habits. Now, more than ever, all athletes, including those with intellectual disabilities, need to keep their bodies fit and strong in a challenging routine. The videos are accompanied by downloadable interactive toolkits for coaches and caregivers that feature recipes, a fitness tracker, games and health tips.

Sports PsychologySporting Women In The Media

The mass media (e.g. radio, TV, internet) has become one of the most powerful institutional influences in society. This free course, Sporting women in the media, explores whether gendered inequalities exist in sport by evaluating the media coverage. The media can be highly influential in shaping perceptions about gender in sport and headlines indicative of differences in how male and female athletes are regarded in the media. In the course, you’ll examine messages that the media send us about gender in sport, their potential impact and how gender ideologies can be challenged.

Optimum Nutrition for Health and Performance

The “Optimum Nutrition for Health and Performance” course offers a Certificate in Nutrition endorsed by the Association for Nutrition and is approved for CPD points by a number of professional associations including the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA). You will also have the opportunity to join our Optimum Nutrition Coaches Programme. The course is provided at a great value price to enable as many Personal trainers and Coaches as possible to upskill their nutrition.

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Free training for fitness and health professionals online
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Orion Cruz
Orion Cruz
17 de nov. de 2023

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