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FRÉ Skincare For Women Who Sweat

I’ll be honest, when I was a teenager I genuinely dreamed that by the time I was in my 20’s I’d have completely clear skin. The sad thing is, I’m nearly 35 and this doesn’t appear to be the case, was I lied to? Or was it a build-up up of stress, makeup, and sweat? Hmmm, there’s a nice mix of elements to be considered there!

Living an active life is important to me, but with a good workout comes my dear friend, the sweaty face – But, regardless of this, I focus on my fitness and let my “Glow” shine on through.

Skincare is important, a bit like drinking enough water and trying to keep the most balanced diet you can (a balanced diet includes cake, you should hopefully know that…). Alongside this, everyone should make sure that they have a skincare routine that includes a cleanse after each workout and removing all makeup before bed.

I was recently sent a 3 Step Skin Care Solution for “Women Who Sweat” by a company called FRÉ, which means I had to put my own advice into action.

One of the best things about FRÉ is that for every skincare set purchased, the brand will plant an Argan Tree, to help replenish the endangered forests in Morroco. Alongside this, all of their products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Okay, so let’s talk about the daily 3-step routine that I’ve been following:

Step 1 – “Purify Me” – This is a hydrating facial cleanser, which includes some gentle exfoliation, an element that I really love.

Step 2 – “Revive Me” – Well, I say this to my coffee each morning, does that count? Okay, so this is a wonderful smelling serum, which I liked but it felt like a little didn’t really go a long way. On the other hand, this could be because I suffer from dry skin.

Step 3 – “Protect Me” – A moisturizer with built-in SPF15 Is so important, especially when out running or cycling in the sun all year round. However, I would advise a layering with a stronger SPF or wearing a cap when the weather changes, sun damage just isn’t worth the risk.

FRÉ Skincare is – Vegan, Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, Dermatologist Tested & For All Skin Types

There were many elements I loved about trying FRÉ Skincare, such as the smell, packaging, cost and environmental support they provide. But, if I’m honest my super dry skin requires a more intensive nighttime moisturiser. Which means it’s great for day time, and post-workout, but I think long term this would be best suited to normal/slightly oily skin.

If you’d like to give FRÉ a try for yourself, you can check out this starter kit here. You should keep in mind, that there is a 100% money-back guarantee. The refund is valid on any FRÉ Set or 1 individual product within 30 days.

Katie x

Disclaimer – I was sent these products but this is my honest review

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