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Fitness Rockstars Collective Q & A #JuliaBFit

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve joined a group of 20 fantastic bloggers to become Julia Buckley’s ‘Fitness Rockstars‘.

Let me share a little about what we are all about:

“We’re not professional athletes, or even what many would consider typical “fitness people”, but we all appreciate the privilege of having the ability to move our bodies and we’ve all experienced having our worlds rocked by the astounding difference fitness and health has made to our lives.” Julia Buckley

I don’t make choices like this light-heartedly, I only team up with companies and people I genuinely like (and that I hope you do also). In a world of ’20 something’ insta-fit folk, I actually favor the fact that Julia is 30+ (because I am too!) , she’s honest and down to earth and did I mention? In seriously good shape!

You all should know by now, I’m not super fit by any stretch of the imagination, nevertheless, I’m living the most happy/balanced active life I can.

  1. For me, fitness is all about:

For me, fitness is a lifestyle choice and it’s what keeps me calm/sane. If I’ve had a truly terrible day, a workout will allow me to completely switch off from my trouble’s and clear my mind.

If I’m frank, fitness is something I never thought was possible for me, I would watch others in awe and think to myself ‘that’ll never be me’ and now it is.

It can be as personal or functional as you want it to be, make it your journey or lifestyle.In my humble opinion, the best fitness experiences are active adventures…

  1. I get most excited to do my workout when:

Ah, I need to be straight here, I am that person who is excited about working out about 70% of the time! I do really look forward to trying a new class or program or if I’m lucky enough to be working out in good company.

One of the reasons I’ve started to get excited about running again is obstacle course races; they mix running, with pushing yourself mentally and physically. For me, it’s absolutely impossible not to laugh when wading knee deep in mud or trying to jump over fire (Okay, maybe I wasn’t laughing, I was avoiding a burnt bum!).

  1. When a workout really pushes me to my limit, I think to myself:

‘I can’t stop now. I need to believe in myself a little longer’

Sometimes, I forget that I’ve been in situations (when climbing, many moons ago..) when I had absolutely no choice but to keep moving. When you’re in the mountains there is no ‘quick exit route’ and If I can keep going for 10-13 hours, then I can keep going for 30 minutes.

If I have to take an easier route; for example slowing down, then I’d rather do that over giving up and we need to remember, slowing down is never a crime.

  1. I’m most likely to skip my workout if:

I’m unwell and it’ll hinder my recovery or If I’ve spent too much time faffing around, procrastinating and I’ve not got enough time.

Honestly, I’m a dab hand at getting up at 6am and pottering around whilst having meaningful conversations with the cat, tidying up, making coffee and tweeting. Before I know it 45 minutes has gone and I’m still in my pyjamas.

  1. In a group fitness session, I’ll be the one who:

Is the most enthusiastic? The most sweaty? The one most likely to fart? 

I’m less worried about being the best in the class, I want to be ‘my best’. I always try to be close to the front so that I can hear and see what we are being told to do. I’ll often have to have a move explained to me more than once (short attention span possibly?).

  1. The item of exercise equipment I’d most hate to go without is:

I’m going to say dumbbells or running machine, I know many of you will tut at this answer.

Of course, I can run outside but during the winter months, rain the treadmill is my savior. I would also say our set of dumbbells, they are so truly versatile in terms of what you can achieve with them.

  1. The last thing I usually do before starting my workout is:

Tighten my ponytail.

  1. My top 5 workout music tracks are:

I’m so excited about answering this question, having the right music really improves me workout.

It varies on a weekly basis but right now my choices would be:

*Black Box – Ride on time

*Mike Ponser – I took a pill in Ibiza

*Lumindee Vs Fatman Scoop – Dance!

*Format:B – Chunky

*Blackstreet – No Diggity

I wonder what this playlist say’s about me? Hyper? Upbeat? Caught in a musical time warp?

  1. If I start feeling meh about fitness I give myself a boost by:

Remembering how far I’ve come and being grateful for the fact I’m able to run, lift, walk and so on. I try to keep in mind that workouts when I don’t feel ‘on form’ will only pave the way for workouts that leave me feeling high.

I must stop comparing my fitness to others when I feel low, if you do the same then I suggest you join me. Comparison is the thief of joy, there’s always someone better*.

**Unless Usain Bolt is reading this, in that case – HI! 

  1. The most important thing I’ve learned about fitness in the last year is:

I am stronger than I think.

At the beginning of the year, I never expected to start running obstacle course races or hit the deadlift PB I’d set myself or walk up Snowdon for the 5th time.


So, that’ll be it for now but I’ll be sharing some more information about Julia’s online gym very soon If you fancy a look around all the information is *here*

What fitness goals are you proud of this year? Do you enjoy online workouts?



Disclaimer: This post includes an affiliate link

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