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Fitness Bloggers 5km


As you may, or may not know, I’m a huge fan of virtual races – No pressure to get to the venue, you can run when it suits and wherever takes your fancy.

When the ‘Fitness Bloggers’ Virtual 5km appeared on my timeline I knew taking part would be a definite and there’s nothing like a 5km race to start the year. However, when I read that a group run would be happening in central London I hoped on a 7.30am train and took my good self to the capital.

To some people it may seem like a waste of a journey to run such a short distance but for me it’s so much more than that. I like to come out of my comfort zone, I like to meet new people and running whilst sightseeing and chatting is an added bonus.

I was late, due to the fact I got horribly lost (story of my life) and I arrived slightly flustered having already ran a mile or so trying to find the meeting spot, we’ll call it a ‘warm up’. Helen kindly took my bag and we started to run at a comfortable group pace led by Mollie, with plenty of spots to take selfies, let traffic go by and ensure no one was left behind.


If I’m honest, 5km is one of my favourite distances despite that I’m finding running is very much a mental battle for me right now. Back In October/November last year I was running strong, often and really enjoying the whole experience and when I fell during Rockingham 10’ I lost a little of that mental strength.

Fitness is a journey and it takes plenty of twists and turns, we aren’t invincible and more than often I need to give myself a nudge and remember I’m doing the best I can right now.

My pace has increased from being very comfortable in the 8mm to 830mm zone to more of an 8.50-9.15mm zone for 5km and I need to accept that, keep on training and build up those miles! I can’t wait for the sun to start shining, all these treadmill sessions are driving me slightly wacky.

The best part of the Fitness Bloggers’ 5km was the lack of pressure, everyone was so relaxed and it made for a really enjoyable experience. After we had ran, we chatted over coffee and cake about the pressures of pacing and I realised that my worries about my pace were ridiculous. I was surrounded by strong, able runners, who run for the love of running regardless of pace and are completing marathons, half marathons and 10km’s with heads held high and big smiles.


Next race on the list for me is Windsor Half Marathon in May and I’m rather excited about running in such a beautiful area.  I may not run huge distances but I run because it makes me feel really good, I run because I’m so thankful my body CAN run and I run because I really do love cake.

On the subject of running and food – I wrote a post for The Running Stories’ with my Top 5 Running Snacks’.

I also appeared on Squibb Vicious with my thoughts on ‘How to stay fit without a gym membership’, I’ve not been to a gym for nearly a year now and it suits me just fine!

What sport are you enjoying at the moment? Do you find it hard to stay consistent with running?



P.s – Photo Credit’s to Michael & Helen

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