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Femme Luxe Loungewear Review

*Gifted Items – But all opinions are my own. When I first clicked onto Femme Luxe, which describes itself as one of the most reputable lower-cost, women’s clothing brands that Manchester has to offer. I had a moment or two of hesitation, my instant reaction was that frankly, I was too old, too straight-laced, and not enough of an “Insta Babe” for this brand.

Femme Luxe Loungewear Review

Hmmm, but I really do love loungewear and as nothing about 2020 has been in the slightest bit “Normal”  I decided that I had nothing to lose by trying something new. As you can imagine, I have no real plans to head out on the town any time soon and my uniform is less “Mini Dress” and more “Mini Meltdown if not home before 11 pm”. So, the natural choice really was for me to focus on going down the loungewear route.

Sizing and Fit

I strongly feel that this is a really important place to start, I wouldn’t normally go into my personal measurements in such detail, however, Femme Luxe sizes are obscenely on the small side I ordered an M/L on the Lounge Wear Sets which is described as a UK 12/14 – I’m 5’6, 32E/F, 28.8-inch waist, and 38-inch hips. This means I fell in line with the measurements provided on the website, however after doing some market research it’ll come as no surprise that these measurements do vary between manufacturers. I do just want to add, that I couldn’t actually fit into the leggings.

Personally, I would say that the sizing is more in line with a UK 12 and the t-shirt I ordered was a size large, and I certainly wouldn’t have fitted into anything smaller. Having done some research on the website, I noted that the “Joggers” go up to a UK 16, which hopefully gives more scope for other shoppers interested in buying from this brand. But I certainly don’t have any high hopes that this would actually represent the true size 16.

Femme Luxe Loungewear Review

How about the quality?

I’m going to be entirely honest; I was at first, a little bit surprised to find that the two-piece sets were polyester, a man-made material that hasn’t appeared in my wardrobe for many years. It’s very cheap, feels almost a little bit “Market Quality” which is okay for around the house, but not eco-friendly or my style.

Effectively, it’s exactly what it says on the box “Comfortable Lounge Wear”. Which I been more than content wearing, whilst chilling out and working from home, I’m just not a polyester fan.

What do I think of the style?

When I first opened the Pink Boxy Set, my initial reaction was “Wow, that’s seriously pink and really rather different for me”.  In the pictures, I’ve shown the tweaks I’ve made to style the outfits in a way that’s more “Me” but, go wild, style these pieces however you please!

As previously mentioned, the bottoms in the black two-piece were too small for me, but I quite liked the top. I’ve thrown it on with jeans to give another example and although this is unpictured, I’ve worn it with the pink jogging bottoms around the house too.

Femme Luxe Loungewear Review

My absolute favorite piece was the slogan t-shirt, I adore a good slogan t-shirt and this is something I’d wear on a regular basis.

Overall view

As previously mentioned, I’m enjoying wearing loungewear around the house and I think the perfect customer for Femme Luxe is probably 15 years younger than me. Saying that there’s a student discount for people between the ages of 16-26. I stand by the fact I genuinely loved the t-shirt, the postage was fast, the website is easy to use, and constantly being updated. But please don’t buy with the expectation of great customer service or high-quality products.


Katie x

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