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FALKE – Running Wear Reviewed

Whilst I consider myself fortunate to have tested out a vast variety of clothing brands during my workouts. The perfect design and handcrafted quality of Falke was something that I’d previously been unaccustomed to.

With this in mind, when Falke contacted me with the opportunity to review their clothing. I carefully chose a few pieces to put together what I’d consider the ideal Winter Running Outfit. I started by selecting a pair of Cellulite Control Tights. This might sound like an extraordinary choice, however, these tights offer so much more to offer the wearer than the average pair of running tights.

The innovative FALKE 3D knit fabric applies gentle mechanical stimulation to the skin, creating a micro-massage effect encouraged by your movement.

When I first opened up these tights, my initial thought, was a mild panic. Because I’d almost instantly concluded that the size Medium was “never going to fit my size 12 frame”. Fortunately, I was entirely mistaken, the tights were a deceptively perfect fit, with a slimming and shaping effect. Because its important to me that I provide a useful review, I decided that I needed to put these tights to the test. They are completely squat proof, extremely comfortable for running and the waistband always remained in place. All key elements for selecting the perfect pair of black running tights (with the addition of innovative technology).

My next item to try was this vest, which can be worn on its own or as a base layer. I coupled this with the leggings and, the fit was perfect (I went for size Small) and the design is form-flattering and stylish. Plus, the fabric doesn’t ride up which is a bugbear of mine. I hate having to fiddle with uncomfortable clothing mid-run, it really takes me off my stride.

Did you know? You can sign up to The Falke newsletter and recieve 10% off your next order?

As the nights are longer and the days are cooler, I decided that it was time to bring out more long-sleeved running pullovers. I love having the option to unzip my top if my temperature changes and thankfully Falke has designed a pullover that is a perfect hybrid between a hoodie and baselayer.

This pullover boasts functionality such as: – Enhanced ventilation in the sweat zones– Seamless technology for a comfortable fit– Minimum weight with maximum mobility

I am of the opinion that this was the ideal addition to my sportswear wardrobe, due to the fact it’s what I’d refer to as a “multi-functional pullover”. Which can be worn for running, hiking and skiing rather than something with a primary focus on one sport. The fit is very snug and I would go for a size Medium next time, which is worth keeping in mind if, like me, you have a fuller bust.

When putting together the ideal running kit, I’ve noticed that so many people underestimate the importance of a good pair of socks. For benefits such as improved comfort, reducing the likelihood of blisters, cushioning and moisture-wicking. Personally, my dream sock has “limited visibility” with a bit of cushioning around the ankle, the cheery addition of “Left” and “Right” is an added bonus. So, with this in mind, I could easily score these a solid 10/10.

When reviewing new sportswear, it’s really important to me to make sure that I put the items through their paces. Everything has been worn during sweaty workouts, cold weather and washed several times. I’m happy to report that there’s absolutely no change in the quality or fit and I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to try out some of Falke’s sportswear collection.




DisclaimerThese products were kindly gifted in return for an honest review, I only recommend products I genuinely love.

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