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Fab’s Top 5 Quirky Yoga Classes in London

Here at Cake Vs Scales I love to keep things mindful, flowing and healthy; so it was no surprise that I was drawn like a moth to a flame to Fab who’s the founder of the ‘Health Bloggers UK’ group, vegan, raw foodie, yogi and all round sassy Italian chick.

I’m letting her take over today’s post with her fascinating collection of quirky yoga classes in London, as a fair few of you are London folk please let me know if you’ve tired any of these?

Take it away Fab…


Fab’s Top 5 Quirky Yoga Classes in London

Last week I was in my local yoga class, and I heard of this 90mins hot-weights-cardio-yoga session someone did in NY. I recently connected with a lovely lady who will be training to teach yoga bootcamp in California. And I thought that Doga (practise upward facing dog with your pug – true story) was a quirky one. Well, I had it all wrong. However, London is still proving to have some rather interesting way of keeping yogis entertained.

All right, this may not be for everyone, but I find it extremely cute. The idea of doing yoga with your toddler, especially for a new mum, is a great way to get a workout, and leave the nanny home for once. The workout focuses on alleviate aching shoulders, back, and neck, followed up by some deep diving into fun baby yoga moves, and Baby Om – now tell me that’s not cute. It may be that I get really broody when I see the pictures, but now, tell me that’s not adorable.

Laughter yoga is a class focused on, well, making you laugh. Release any stress or tension, relax and exhale a lot of nasty toxins. I dare you to practise pranayama whilst happily interacting with a group of people – a lot of giggles, and a steel-like core are the side effects. Mary Adshead is holding classes the first Sunday of every month in Hampstead Heat, with regular meet-ups in The School of Laughter Yoga.

If you are a East Londoner, it’s 80% likely you are a cyclist. A yoga course for cyclists in East London sounds like the perfect marketing strategy, if you ask me. Regardless of how many miles you clock per week, yoga can help easing all the pains coming from long commutes, and it’s also aiming to increase endurance and comfort. Extra points if you come to the workshop in full cyclist gear. No okay, I was just kidding there, but you’ll definitely stand out.

Ever fancied striking a downward dog to Snoop Dog? Yoga just got pop.Think soul and funk, deep house and dancer’s pose (extremely appropriate in this case). Yoga rave is a social that makes you sweat and stretch first, and rewards you with a cheeky drink afterwards.

Since I saw some yogis flipping around on IG, I just fell in love with Acro Yoga. Firstly, it’s done in pairs, and it focuses on learning to trust the partner and let go. Secondly, there is a lot of movement and power of acrobatics, which also means there is some flying involved – let me tell you this, THAT definitely gets people’s attention. It’s really fluid and scenographic, but it also restorative and focusing on really deep stretches.


Hi, my name is Fab and I am a Passion Junkie. I am a marketing coach for wellness entrepreneurs and IIN student, and the founder of the UK community of Health Bloggers. My brand new course, Stretch your Business, is coming out at the beginning of September. The course is a resource of marketing and business for yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainees who are looking to ignite their spark and supercharge their marketing. Be the first one about the launch and get the full prospect here


I hope you’ve enjoyed Fab’s round up of quirky yoga classes and if you where going to see me anywhere, it would be working my two left feet at yoga rave!



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