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Exploring The Walled Garden

I love bank holidays, but only recently I realised that I should really make the most of every single day, which means we packed in as much as possible.

On Saturday I tended to our vegetable garden, picking and boiling spinach for future meals, washing lettuce for endless salads and looking forward to serving potatoes with everything. I then explored our local Aldi, which appears to stock a lot of ‘health foods’ such as ‘Nakd’ style bars, nuts, seeds and powders at less than half the price.

Extra time on my hands meant I could spend a little longer on a more varied workout, Saturday saw me mixing up boxing with skipping, kettle bell swings, lat pull downs and HIIT. The end result was sweaty but satisfying, isn’t that how fitness is meant to make us feel?

On Sunday I set out early with Lorraine to run some trails in a local park, I’m still struggling with my confidence and foot placement running downhill, however, it was great to have a complete change. Whilst I detest complaining about this positive change in weather, I’m thankful we started early as running in the heat is not my forte.

Once I was home, fed and more fragrant we went to collect G’s Mum and headed to Castle Ashby Gardens for a walk in the sunshine and an excuse to eat cake. I love Castle Ashby Gardens, they are beautifully maintained with lots of stunning little nooks and crannies to explore. Plus a selection of animals including playful and amusing meerkats, a giant rabbit, chipmunks and tiny monkeys.

Of course, how could I forget?

We went out looking for some cake, didn’t we?

Well, luckily there was a craft fair on and even better, my beautiful mother was holding one of her fabulous cake stalls which meant we had an excuse to refuel the best way possible. I don’t know what it is but there are times when I feel like a small child standing her her stall. I can never decide which cake or if I need a slice of rock road, salted caramel millionaires slice or just some fudge? I know that ‘eat everything‘ is the correct answer to this problem. We settled in the sun and caught up with Mum over tea and cake, I went for a vanilla cupcake in the end, as my inner child is still pleased by lashings of buttercream.

After feeling high from my sugar hit, slightly sunburnt and providing everyone with some much-needed amusement with my attempts at archery we headed home.

Is it even bank holiday Sunday if you don’t have a power nap on the sofa? Or are my years catching up on me? 

Refreshed from my nap, I started some wedding planning, which made me feel a whole mix of emotions and almost felt a little surreal. Okay, I need to clarify myself here, when I say ‘Wedding Planning’ I mean e-mailing a few venues to see if they can hold an intimate/low key event without a horrifying price tag. Within 2 hours, I’d pinned some dresses from Net-A- Porter, picked wedding favours, found the perfect bargain wedding invites, table decorations and e-mailed 4 locations. Surely I must be the most low-key ‘bride to be‘ ever? Or is it that I just simply cannot face evolving into Bridezilla?

We had no choice but to end such a relaxed day on a high right?

So, it was all about ice cold prosecco whilst chilling on the sofa with a huge rack of sticky bbq ribs and a side of homegrown salad, I’m classy and I know it.

How has your bank holiday been? Are you enjoying the sun?



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