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Eton Mess With Coconut Cream

If I’m presented with a Dessert Menu, it’s likely I’ll scan for the richest, most decadently chocolatey pudding I can find and order that. The relationship between chocolate and I is one that’s going to last a lifetime, I’m not entirely sure that anyone will ever break us up.

Then, during a creative kitchen moment my partner discovered how easy it was to make coconut cream, he whipped together an Eton Mess and it was a game-changer. I’d never normally order Eton Mess, I do struggle to tolerate a lot of dairy and it just wouldn’t catch my eye. That was until I tasted the rich creamy coconut cream with fresh berries and chunks of sweet, crunchy meringue.

I like this dessert because it’s crowd-pleasing, simple to make, and quite frankly doesn’t require too much from my poor presentation skills. You might call me lazy, I prefer to say that I’m sensible with how I use my time and I’m serious about dessert. Talking of time, I do advise popping a can of coconut milk in the fridge the night before you’re due to make this. If you’re short on time, there’s nothing some determination and a hand whisk can’t do!

Eton Mess With Coconut Cream

Serves 2 – Can be doubled, or tripled.


*4 Meringue’s

*50g Pomegranate

*100g Strawberries

*100g Raspberries

*1 Can coconut milk

*15g Icing sugar


*Start by leaving a can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight to set/chill – If you’re short on time just a short time in the fridge will help.

*Scoop out of the set coconut milk and add to a mixing bowl with the icing sugar, using a hand mixer pulse until a thick whipped cream forms.

*In two jars/bowls crumble meringues and layer with mixed berries and coconut cream.

*Serve right away or leave in the fridge until later.

Tell me, what’s your favourite dessert right now?



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