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Don’t “unf&*k” yourself…

The modern lifestyle is a curious one, there are so many mixed messages about how we should live our lives. More factors than ever are clouding our minds, I can’t read your mind, but if your brain is reciting the words to ‘Pina Colada’ at 3 am, we might have something in common.

I’m a wee bit tired of reading articles about how to ‘Unfuck yourself’Why? We are gloriously complex creatures with a whole range of emotions, most of which are more common than we realise. The sad fact is that we don’t really understand how normal we actually are because we are too busy reading articles that force us to fit the mold.


No one is happy all of the time, there’s no set presidency for how you should live your life and thank goodness real life doesn’t have a filter.

Back in the day, when I wrote this post, I was on holiday in Chamonix, I’d started the day in tears. I’d had a somewhat emotional and rather lucid dream. This is due to two simple factors, one was at altitude and I always, always have strange dreams at altitude and two I missed my cat. Within minutes of logging straight onto social media, which is something I shouldn’t do, but I’m a rule breaker (#rebel) I was laughing. Why was I laughing? Because I’ve allowed my inner juvenile to be let loose and its wonderfully fun, you should try it.

Later on in the day, I found myself seated in an uncomfortable “plastic tray”, with wheels and my husband behind me, also on the plastic tray providing moral support and controlling the brakes. I forgive you for thinking I’ve lost my mind, but a plastic tray was the only way I could explain the seating of the ‘Chamonix Luge’. In simple terms, we rode the Alpine Rollercoaster and I laughed until tears were streaming down my face. I told you my inner juvenile was fun.

That’s not to say that I wasn’t shaking with fear on the way up or that I’d pushed through the boundaries I set myself. Or that I hadn’t previously walked along a beach and compared myself to almost every bikini-clad, French beauty and decided I was a chunky and unfunky frump.

Darn, if only I was just like everyone else?

The hidden message is, we only share a snapshot of our day and we then have the power to decide on which snapshot and which emotion we are going to cling too.

What’s it going to be?

Tears, anxiety and hormone-related overreactions?

Or laughter, the feeling of the sun on my shoulders, snoozing on the dock, laughing until I cried and the joy from eating plenty of delicious crusty bread.

Today I’m choosing the brighter side of life, that does not say that tomorrow will feel the same and that’s not to imply there’s a wrong answer. I won’t ever tell you to unfuck yourself, sometimes we need to wallow and other times, we just need to choose another picture.

Katie x

Don't "Unfuck yourself" just crack on and live your best life!
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