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Decathlon Challenge


I was recently contacted by Decathlon to take on a few challenges a little out of my comfort zone, who was I to say no?

The interesting thing is, these are 3 different sports I’ve never actually taken part in, including Boxing, Darts and Hula Hooping. When the items arrived, I felt a slight wave of apprehension, I’m always happy to learn something new but I had to somehow learn how to hula for a whole minute, PRONTO.

In true Katie style, I popped on my boxing gloves and strutted towards the punching bag, all confidence and big ideas. A few seconds later, I was put firmly back in my place and remembered very quickly that I’m most definitely a novice, with ideas considerably above my station.

Darts; now this really intimidated me, my primary concern was that I’d have a mishap and cause injury to G or Lily and I’ve never seen myself as a ‘Darts’ kind of woman. Who knows? maybe I’ll write an update in a few months and reveal that I’ve been shutting myself in our garage and working on my top score? I’m yet to be convinced but nothing is impossible.

How on earth do all these items fit together?

Well; let me explain, I was challenged you see, my challenge was to hula hoop, score low on darts and punch as much as possible, in 60-second blasts.

Let me share a little more about why you should try Hula Hooping, Boxing & Darts


How did I get on with the challenge? 


 What did I enjoy the most?

If I’m honest? Boxing, it’s definitely something I can see myself doing more often and even though it took some time for me to find a ‘flow’, I’ll start training. I can see hula hooping being added to my circuit training, my initial aim is to keep the movement flowing for a whole minute. I’m unlikely to continue with playing dart’s, for the simple reason, it’s not fast paced enough to drive me to continue.

Care to see more? 

Decathlon recently held the ‘The Decathlon Decathlon’ which enabled members of the public to take on some fun challenges. You can watch the video *here*

Have you tried Darts, Hula Hooping or Boxing before? Any tips for working on my hula skills?



Disclaimer: Decathlon kindly sent me the items for my challenge but all views and atrocious scores are very much my own.

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