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Dear New Gym Users…

Firstly, let me start this with a confession and then an apology.

I was that person, the one who complained about new people in the gym. The one who would make snide comments about ‘January Gym Users‘ and how they take up the lockers, popular kit and decent car parking spaces.

The worst part? It was me being entirely selfish and rude, forgetting how it feels to be overweight or unfit, the desire to change and the fact that walking into a new gym feels the first day at a new school. It can be stressful, Where do you go to find XYZ? You must remember or learn the general etiquette and try to ignore all the sweaty, panting, hum of bodies around you.

Why the change of heart?


I found myself in the same position, you might question my integrity here but let me explain…

During 2017 I completely lost my consistency for working out, I was mooching around in our garage and convincing myself I was ‘doing my best‘. The reality is that I was just about ticking over, my love for running completely subsided and I would spend many events running slowly or taking my time on obstacles for a break. A delaying strategy shall we say? I spoke to The Telegraph about Falling off the wagon’ because I well and truly had!.

Rather than waiting until January, I took action and finally took on a 5-day gym taster at the same gym my fiancé, I was away from the comfort of our home and I had to take action. Much to my surprise, I really liked it and joining a gym gave me the boost I needed. It’s not to say that I didn’t go through all the same emotions, the only difference is that I have a base level of fitness and swag from the Sweaty Betty sale.

Of course, I’ve had my moments – The time I was caught taking a selfie in the women’s gym, the day I took a flannel instead of a small towel, forgot my jeans AND whacked myself on the nose with an 8kg power ball. Brilliant.

I’ll just hashtag that um…#fitspo #fitness #gym #traindirrrrtyandtravelhomeinyoursweatyleggings

Seriously though, I mean it when I say I’m sorry because I know how it feels, I really do. I’ve been obese, I’m currently running around a 10-10.30minute mile when I’ve been able to run an 8minute mile and I’m atrocious at push-ups and my plank PB is all of 35 seconds.

If you are thinking about taking on sport or joining a gym this year, do it! Don’t let idiots (like I was) hold you back, lodge a complaint if anyone body shames you and remember we all start somewhere, even if it does mean starting again.

Best of all, I’m eating Percy pigs and hollow chocolate Santas whilst writing this, in my dressing gown, it’s not my finest hour.

Please forgive me.

Tell me, what are your views on new gym members in January? Any advice?



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