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Date Night Food Platters

I’m going to be completely frank with you, I’m not massively into Valentine’s Day. I’m one of those people who think’s that you should do little (free) things to show your love. Saying that being the curious cat I am, I’ve noticed a huge trend for Platters.

Not just standard, run of the mill Platters that restaurants use to serve your food in a more visually appealing way. Nope. “Instagram ready platters” smothered in a whole host of nibbles, each choice is perfectly complimenting the next. Let’s not forget, we eat with our eyes and I’m currently dreaming up my ideal platter, which is making me peckish.

Which leads me to say, I think that rather than paying a third party company to create this dream display. Or paying over the odds to eat average food, from an overpriced menu, whilst listening to the couple next to you call each other “Baby“. Why not make a glorious customer platter at home? Wear stretchy pants and watch Netflix? What can I say? I’m a straightforward date.

How to create the perfect date night food platter:

*Set a theme – Consider everything that compliments this theme, for example, you can see above the meat works perfectly with the cheese. Adding in crackers, bread, and dried fruit will allow for endless flavor combinations.

*Can you use leftovers? – I hate food waste, so I think it’s best to make choices that fit nicely into leftovers that can be enjoyed the following day.

*Don’t over complicate things – Simple is best, no really. Work with a few really delicious stand out snacks and add-in kitchen basics such as crackers, dried fruit, and olives. Obviously, you can tweak according to the food theme of your platter.

*Sweet is just as delicious – I’ve mainly focused on savory dishes in this post, but sweet choices are just as effective. Think along the lines of mini doughnuts and dips, cookies, pick’n’mix sweets and old school favorites.

I hope that you’ve found this useful, I’ll be certain to share my future platter creations with you. In the meantime? Happy eating!

Katie x

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