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CrossFit At Unit 22 Northampton

I set my alarm at 5.45am and I dragged myself out of bed, downed a coffee, flung my clothes on and unleashed my makeup free and sleepy face to the world. Normally I’d be going for a run, but today was different, I was trying Cross – Fit and I was ready to push my limits.

When I walked in Unit 22 I was terrified; I had done some homework so I knew a basic outline of what to expect. However, the mix of tiredness and the realisation that I would be the newbie enhanced the butterflies in my stomach. Once I’d dropped off my bags, completed my form’s and the clock ticked 6.30am it was time to start the workout.

The first thing I noted is just how friendly everyone was; every single person said ‘Hello’ and smiled and I felt the instant warmth. Which is so important when you’re trying something completely new first thing in the morning (or at any time). A cheerful and friendly regular took me under her wing and chit-chatted as we started the session with a quick (7.15 min mile pace) run around the block and I found her enthusiasm rubbed off on me.

Once we were back in the unit the workout continued with kettlebell swings (something I’m very happy with) and some interesting and painful abdominal work. Now regular cross fitters will have to excuse me but I don’t actually recall the formal names of the workouts so I shall loosely try to explain and hope that I make some sense.

Kettlebell swings (I just grabbed a 10kg as that’s my happy zone) – Then a plank/push-up type move – Followed by a move where you lay on your back and with a fast motion swing your legs up over your head (or try in my case) and once your feet hit the floor you sit back up and touch your toes.

I would just like to take a moment to advise that I’m not considering writing serious workout guides anytime soon; can you imagine? ‘Urm and then urm..I think you do this’

Anyway, I digress. We then spent some time warming up our upper body muscles using a resistance band- I did get myself in a complete muddle with this but practice makes perfect (or so the saying goes).  Maybe, I would have had more success tiring the band into a pretty bow.

The next part was working with barbells and focusing on the perfect squat and lift, plus a couple of other lifting moves. I was thrilled to work on this as my squat and press technique needed a LOT of work and with using a box/several repetitions my form was improved, or he just got completely fed up with me.

Finally to complete we finished with some speedy rounds of kettlebell swing’s, followed by squat and press and box jumps.  I completely forgot that I was instructed to actually count the number of reps and fell completely silent when I was asked.

It was glorious, everyone else was able to answer with exact figure and I said ‘Oh..well I think it was..actually, I have no idea…’ 

Basically, if I’d worn a vest saying ‘Tired- Forgetful & Weak’ that would have summed me up perfectly to the rest of the group. But regardless of all that I felt welcome, understood the moves better and I really enjoyed myself.

I’d love to say that I’m going to become a ‘Cross Fit’ regular but due to my current commitments It’s not something I can fit in. I’m currently trying to balance some gym work, some running and climbing the financial side wouldn’t work for me right now either.

Would I consider it again in the future? Certainly 

Would I recommend it? 100% it was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. 

I nipped down to Unit 22 on one of the free taster day’s and you can find all of the details of Unit 22 including prices & class times *here* 

For people who are not local (and most of my readers are not) I found ‘Unit 22’ via Twitter and it is worth searching the tag or Googling in your area.

Have you ever tried Crossfit? Or are you a regular? Do you find taking a new class nerve racking?



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