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Cookies & Cream Brownies

Let’s say we go out for dinner together…

You know, a nice catch-up? We settle down and chat whilst looking at the menu, which naturally I’ve already persuaded online in advance. I’ll quickly ensure the meal I’ve chosen is available,  and then my sweet tooth will lead me across to the dessert section.

Deep down, I’ll hope that you want dessert too. I don’t want it to be awkward when I’m sitting in a sugar coma and you’re just chilling with your drink. Also, I’ll want there to be the option for me to order a brownie, a rich, heavy, homemade chocolate brownie.

I guess that the love between brownies and I will never die, a new mixer is simply a new excuse to bake chocolate laden brownies, top them with cream and cookies and give myself a good pat on the back.

Cookies and Cream Brownies


85g Dark chocolate

50g Milk Chocolate

50g White Chocolate Chips

3 Eggs

25g Coca Powder

85g Plain Flour

185g Unsalted Butter

275g Caster Sugar

1 Packet – Oreo ‘thins’

300ml Double whipping cream

*Optional – Fresh Strawberries


Pre heat your oven to 180degrees and line an 8inch by 8inch brownie tray with greaseproof paper.

Now start by tempering your chocolate, my top tip is break up all the chocolate and place in the microwave on ‘defrost’.  You’ll need to stop and stir every 2 minutes to prevent burning and make way for a smoothly tempered chocolate.

Note: Leave out the white chocolate chips – you’ll use these later!

Using your mixer, throw in eggs, sugar, cocoa powder and butter and start to slowly bind the mix until a smooth batter form. Then slowly fold in the melted chocolate and finally add the white chocolate chips.

Place the brownies in the oven and check after 20mins, depending on how well ‘done’ you like your brownies these should be ready within 25-30minutes.

Once the brownies are baked, leave to cool (for around 45 minutes) this allows them to firm up and then slice into 8-10 servings (depending on your ideal serving size!).

Using the mixer, beat the double cream until thick, then using a teaspoon dollop generously on top of each brownie and add an Oreo (or two?) and optional strawberry.


Tell me, are brownies on your dessert hit list?



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