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Completely Overrated Blogger “Loves”

Okay, I’m “pro-blogger” and I do genuinely love certain things/places that others would almost definitely consider overrated. Don’t worry, the next post is all about the things I love – Afterall, it’s far more rewarding to shout about what you love. But for now, let’s crack on…

Having the same generic-looking theme as everyone else

Hands up, I’ve done this over and over again, despite to be accepted and look exactly like everyone else. Then, I finally realised that how on earth was I going to stop myself from fading in with everyone else, unless I made a change? I have the Pipdig drama to thank for this.

Follow Trains

I’m sorry, but only a small handful of people actually gain from this these days. Mainly because folk whom are part of the train are happy to follow just to unfollow. This is a major pet hate of mine because it feels so unauthentic. Another downside is that you’ll end up following a load of people that create content that’s meaningless and uninteresting to you, no matter how pretty it is.

Peggy Porschen

I was so excited to visit this bakery that I after an 80-minute train journey, I traipsed across London and nearly fell out of the taxi, overwhelmed with joy about feasting on a delicious cake. The exterior is stunning, I love the pastel colours and beautiful blooms. The venue it’s self is cramped; overpriced and the cake is below average, I wouldn’t visit again and found myself apologising to my friends.

See also – Sketch, one of the worst afternoon tea’s in London

“I have an exciting announcement coming up”

I’m on the edge of my seat *rolls eyes*. Maybe it’s me? Maybe it’s just my age and cynical view? But make the announcement when you can and let me celebrate with you then. I have so much going on, I can’t be on the edge of my seat for everyone. No matter how much I enjoy their content.

Fake “Realness”

The real, raw view of someone is often entirely unfiltered and unexpected, of course, I like others stage pictures and plan content. But, I will not start talking about something as serious as mental health for example, unless it’s entirely genuine and from the heart. We don’t need a day or a hashtag to share who we really are, you can enjoy someone’s content without them being “real” or being raw as hell. If you’re going to be polished, just go forwards and own it.


Katie x

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