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Colour Obstacle Rush : Milton Keynes

Sometimes people make you a offer that’s a little too good to refuse…

My friends had a spare ticket for Milton Keynes Colour Obstacle Rush and asked if myself or G  would like to go, naturally G was a gent and let me have the ticket. I won’t lie, I was really excited, I was going to spend time with my friends and finally try a fun/obstacle type race – Hurrah!

The great thing about this type of race is there’s no pressure, I didn’t take my Garmin and we stuck at a pace where everyone was happy and together. It really is a great feeling as I’m normally checking my watch and trying to keep at a certain pace, with no one to talk to and the obsession about setting a personal best rolling over and over in my mind.

As these event’s are hugely popular parking can be ‘good fun’ so I would allow time for that, however my lovely friend Hattie snuck us into David Lloyd’s car park (sorry gym goers, we were running though!). Also it’s worth keeping in mind that there are a few fair que’s, we waited about 20 minutes to start and they were playing music and encouraging dancing which meant we got to display some truly fantastic moves whilst waiting.

The the course started with a massive inflatable slide/climbing frame (I’m not sure how else to describe it?) and within minutes I was chuckling as I threw myself down head first with the zest of an over excited toddler.  We then headed through foam (I was wearing shorts, running with foamy leg’s is the look for 2015 folks!) and various ‘tent’s’ which blasted music and plenty of colour.

Soon we were resembling the artwork of a 3 year old, amused and thankful it wasn’t raining or too warm!

The whole course seemed to take no time at all to complete and before I knew it we were lining up to climb up the last inflatable and slide down to the happiest medal I’ve ever collected.

Overall the event was friendly, fun and very suitable for a morning out with friends, there’s zero pressure to run and if the obstacle really does not appeal? You could just walk around. I do firmly recommend a change of clothing, old trainers (& old sunnies!), you probably won’t need a bottle of water as they have a few water stations (which is great/rare for a 5km race).

Have you ever completed a colour run before? Or at obstacle type race?



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