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Coconut Flour Breakfast Bowl : Gluten Free – Sugar Free – Low Calorie

Happy New Year Everyone, I hope you reading this feeling good, hungover or indifferent!

This is a recipe I wrote up last year for the ‘Health Bloggers Community’ E:Book, I felt so proud to be part of such a welcoming and positive community. It’ll come as no surprise that I advise if you do one thing in 2015 make it to join the Health Bloggers, plenty of good vibes, recipe sharing and fun.

There’s a few reasons I wanted to start 2015 by sharing this dreamy and super easy breakfast alternative to oats. Firstly because this is fabulously free from gluten, completely vegan and packed with fibre and natural protein.

The idea of eating coconut flour as a breakfast may sound strange, I admit I was wary initially but once I’d blended it with with creamy yoghurt and added in fresh berries and almond milk I found I was diving into a filling and utterly delicious breakfast.

Also for those whom are carefully watching macros, sugar and energy, if you omit the yoghurt you could enjoy this for well under 250 calories but I do enjoy the added creaminess and additional calories.

I understand that coconut flour is not something everyone would have in and many of you have had baking disasters with this flour (see my tips here). If you are new to coconut flour I would recommend a small bag to start with, I tend to find that Amazon has the best deal’s.

Coconut Flour Breakfast Bowl”


40g Coconut Flour

100g Yoghurt (I use coconut yoghurt)

150g Almond Milk

Sweetener of choice

Berries/fruit of choice


In a breakfast bowl pour in your coconut flour (it won’t look like much at this point) and stir in yoghurt and add milk after (you may or may not need to add a little more), sweeten and enjoy with fruit.

Tell me, did you have a good new year? Are you setting goals for 2015? I hope to be happy, healthy and stop my constant stressing!



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