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Chunky Caramel Rocky Road

When I’m bored, I’ll turn to my Instagram “explore feed” and IF I’m lucky, it’ll be crammed full of delicious desserts, that frankly, I’m likely to never actually try for myself. I was curious, could I make a dessert (or afternoon snack) that could hold its own against goods served in these incredible café’s featured on Instagram. But inclusive for every budget and with absolutely no cooking or baking skills required, so it could also be made with children? – Note: I accept zero responsibility for the subsequent sugar high.

Various idea’s raced through my mind, then I settled with the idea of a rocky road, not just any rocky road, I was going to make a rocky road with a twist. The natural choice was a caramel theme, featuring old school favorites such as Gold Bars, Cadbury Caramel Bars, and Caramac Bars. Naturally, the best idea is to throw in some peanuts for crunch and a little salty boost and we cannot forget mini marshmallows, it’s not the same without them.

A preference of mine when it comes to chocolate is what’s best described as “Dark Milk”, therefore I added 60% milk chocolate and 40% dark chocolate. The blend prevents this from being too overpowering and allows the sweet creamy caramel to take center parade.

This isn’t diet food, it’s the sort of dessert that knocks you off your feet, the ideal fuel before a long run, even late night or a 3pm pick me up. I really want to type,This isn’t any old Rocky Road, it’s Cake Vs Scales CARAMEL Rocky Road”Oh wait, I did.

If you’re still reading (Hi, thanks!) please don’t forget to chill/freeze the Gold Bars, Cadbury Caramel and Caramac Bars firstly, or you’ll end up with a melty mess! Fear not, it will be tasty though…

Caramel Rocky Road

Serves 20


  1. 300g Milk Chocolate

  2. 200g Dark Chocolate

  3. 2x 45g Cadbury Caramel Bars

  4. 2x 30g Caramac Bars

  5. 5x Gold Bars

  6. 100g Mini Marshmallows

  7. 50g Peanuts

  8. 50g Butter


  1. Start by lining a tin with grease proof paper – I used a 22inch by 22inch square tin.

  2. Then break up the chocolate and place in a bain-marie or in a microwave proof bowl (place on defrost) and keep stirring as the chocolate melts, then add in the butter.

  3. Whilst the chocolate is melting, chop up the chocolate bars and or place them in a bag and bash with a rolling pin. Although the Cadbury caramel bars will need cutting with a sharp knife if they’ve been frozen.

  4. Once the chocolate has melted, stir in the chocolate bars, gold bars, peanuts and marshmallows – But move fast, as the chocolate will set quickly. Pour into the tin, place some grease-proof paper on the top and press down so that it’s compressed in the tin.

  5. Then place into the fridge, chill for 1-2 hours, slice and serve.

Tell me, what would be in your dream Rocky Road?



Chunky Caramel Rocky Road

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