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Christmas Gift Guide For Chocoholics…

“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.” 

You see, chocolate is practically perfect, it’s cheap, you can eat it in most places, there’s no age limit, it’s not hard to track it down, perfectly legal and inoffensive. Apart from American chocolate, that’s pretty inoffensive to my taste buds, I can handle Reeces but you can keep Hershey, that tastes like baking chocolate and is highly inferior.

Anyway, moving on. I’ve popped together a selection of glorious chocolate delights, to help you buy for that special chocolate loving person in your life, or yourself, no judgment.

Chocolate For Your Gin Lovin’ Friend…

Because it’s frowned upon to drink gin at your desk at 9am, but eating gin shaped chocolate is fine right?

Emergency Chocolate Gin And Tonic Set – £12.50

Chocolates for the person who likes a bit of everything…

These beautifully designed chocolates provide not only a little Xmas cheer but also act’s as the perfect little gift without breaking the bank.

H-Box Of Everything – Hotel Chocolat £12.95

For the Peanut Butter lovers…

If you really care for someone, gift them the joy of chocolate and peanut butter. Enough said.

Reese’s Chocolate Lovers Tin – £9.99

For the lover of cake…

Why not give the gift of Brownies? No seriously, I can’t imagine how joyful I would feel If I was unwrapping a box of Brownies at Christmas.

Bluebasil Brownie Selection Box – £15.50

Chocolate for the classy intellectual…

Okay, I’ll be serious – Who doesn’t love boobs?

Chocolate Boobs£3.99

Chocolates for those who enjoy the odd beer or four…

Not only is this so “Life Like” it could catch most people out it also has the added bonus of being the ideal gift for any beer and chocolate lover.

Bottle Opener and Tops Gift Box – £9.00


I hope you’ve found this helpful, remember that chocolate is for life and not just for Christmas…



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